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Watch a viral video of Corona being chased away

  Hello friends, now there is such news in Corona, take a look and this is compelling news. Here is a video of it on the website below and also its information.

रात के अंधेरे में "भाग कोरोना भाग" की आवाज लगाकर हाथों में जलती मशाल लेकर दौड़ने लगे लोग

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In the darkness of the night, with the sound of "Bhaag Corona Bhaag", running with a burning torch in their hands, these people are residents of Ganeshpura village of Agar Malwa district of Madhya Pradesh.

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 Those who believe that by doing so, the effect of Corona epidemic will be eliminated from their village. These villagers say that their elders have told them that whenever there was an epidemic, on Sunday and Wednesday night, one person from each house took a burning torch from his house and ran outside the village together.

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 Used to go And he used to throw these burning torches out of the village. With this, the outbreak of that epidemic was removed from the village. After receiving information from the elders, the villagers of village Ganeshpura fled from their homes at 11 pm on Sunday carrying torches. And carried the burning torches outside the village, chanting the slogan "Bhaag Korona Bhaag". Where one torch after another was thrown in the air. The villagers believe that people in their village have been suffering from fever etc. for the last few days and were also dying. But the disease has not come to light since he did it on Sunday.

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This viral video is given to explain to them and in this way no epidemic will go away and share more and more in such a way that no corona can be escaped. Friends, here you will find such news and work information and necessary information from the web and daily new and similar strange information and viral information from the website.

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