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According to Bhavishya Purana, this vow removes all kinds of troubles, can also bring relief from diseases.

Crisis IV today:  According to Bhavishya Purana, this vow removes all kinds of troubles, can also bring relief from diseases.

The fourth vow of Vad Paksha in the month of Vaishakh is performed to get rid of marital problems

The fourth date of Vad Paksha in the month of Vaishakh is auspicious. On this day, the whole chariot, i.e. the mouse, should be worshiped in the morning. On this day, make things made of ghee i.e. halva, ladva, puri etc. and offer them to Ganesha. Eat your own meal after having a Brahmin meal. Fasting on this Sankat Chota removes all kinds of troubles.

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Mahattvah - the crisis of the future mythology suffer every kind of got away from cothani prayer and fasting. Vaishakh moon day of the month Vad party cothana lagnasukha are fortunate and giving offerings. At the same time, physical problems go away. Sankat Choth vows are made to fulfill desires and get rid of all kinds of troubles. On this fourth day of the month of Vaishakh, fasting and worship fulfill the desires.


A fire broke out in a running electric wire cabin, exploding like a gas cylinder bomb.

Story: In the Satyug, King Prithu performed hundreds of sacrifices. In his kingdom there was a Brahmin named Dayadev. Who was knowledgeable of the Vedas. He had four sons. The father had the sons married. The eldest of the four wives one day told her mother-in-law that I have been observing the Ganesh Choth vow since childhood. So you allow me to make this vow here too.

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Listening to Wahu, her father-in-law said that you are the biggest of all Wahu. You do not have any difficulty. There is no shortage of anything. So why do you want to fast. Currently enjoying your time. After a while, the bride became pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful baby. Even after that, his mother-in-law refused to fast.

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When his son grew up, his intelligence wandered at the time of marriage and he kept going somewhere. Everyone was worried about this incident and started saying where did the young man go? Someone kidnapped. Hearing such news from the guests, his mother started telling her father-in-law Dayadev. You broke my Ganesh Choth fast, as a result of which my son has disappeared.

The father-in-law was very sad to hear this. After that, Vahu took the vow of the troublemaker Ganesh Choth and the young man came back. After that Vahu always started making this vow. His influence removed all his troubles

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