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Air Force's 42 transport aircraft strengthen oxygen supply, flying 1400 hours in 21 days

Air Force mega operation : Air Force's 42 transport aircraft strengthen oxygen supply, flying 1400 hours in 21 days

The country's air force has been playing a major role in the fight against Corona
Air Force planes are delivering medical oxygen and essential medicines from abroad

The second wave of Corona has suddenly created difficulties for medical oxygen in the country. The government began the process of mobilizing resources from abroad to alleviate the oxygen shortage. The country's air force is playing a big role in this work. Its aircraft are delivering medical oxygen tankers from abroad and other supplies needed to fight the Corona.

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So far 732 flights have been flown by Air Force transport aircraft and helicopters. In the meantime, it has delivered 498 oxygen tankers from within the country and abroad.

The photo is of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. An Air Force plane arrived here to pick up the oxygen container.

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So far, 403 oxygen containers have been delivered across the country.
The Air Force has deployed 42 transport aircraft for this mega operation. These include six C-17s, six Ilyushin-76s, 30 medium-lift C-130Js and AN-32 aircraft. An Air Force spokesman said our pilots have flown 634 of 939 hours to deliver 403 oxygen containers across the country. This could carry 163 metric tons of other equipment with 6856 metric tons of oxygen.

Oxygen-cylinders, ventilators and medicines are being sent across the country from the Air Force's Palam Airbase.

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Air Force has flown to 9 countries, including Germany, Indonesia, Australia, Britain and Singapore to bring oxygen containers and other relief supplies. According to Air Force officials, our aircraft brought 95 containers from these countries to the international arena. This took 480 hours to fly. He informed that the containers brought from abroad help in carrying 793.1 metric tons of oxygen. The plane also carried 204.5 metric tons of other relief materials.

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According to Air Force officials, our aircraft has brought 95 oxygen containers from abroad.

Operation on LAC also continues The
Air Force has not stopped operations on the Line of Actual Control in the northern parts of the country. There has been tension between the Indian and Chinese armies since last year. Troops have begun to be deployed in these areas for the summer. This means that a large number of troops on both sides will be present at the forward location.

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