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An excellent example of Kerala's health department

An excellent example of Kerala's health department   :The storm is weakening against the passion of the doctors, the medical team is crossing the river and walking 17 kilometers to reach the forested villages.

Dr. Sukhanya and his team reached the villages and examined the people, some of whom showed symptoms of corona.

After the hurricane, doctors are helping by going to uninhabited areas


Due to the sin of the system, the village was turned into a bat due to the broken protection wall of Ghogha sea, people's houses were flooded.

Even a hurricane in the fight against Corona could not stop our doctors. One of them is a 40-year-old woman doctor from Kerala, K.A. Sukhanya. Villages in the forests of Attapadi district of Palakkad district were cut off due to the storm. The Bhavani River here is also flowing above dangerous levels, but the hurricane did not stop the Sukhanya team from reaching the Murugala tribal areas in the forests of the Western Ghats. His team includes Health Inspector Sunil Vasu, Asst. Health Inspector Shaju and driver Sanjesh are also involved. The team covered 17 km. Reached here by walking and crossing the roaring river.

Dr. Sukhanya and his team reached the villages and examined the people, some of whom showed symptoms of corona.

"It's part of our duty," Sukhanya said of the tour, which has been going on for the past few days. We had to reach here by facing the strong waves of the river. In many places there was water up to our throats. The whole journey was tiring as there was no road to the village. In this total journey of 30 km, we covered 13 km. Just sat in the ambulance and was able to move forward. The rest of the tour our team did on foot. Reaching the villages here, we conducted medical examinations of many people, in which seven people showed symptoms of corona. We had to persuade them to bring these people to the Kovid Center in Pudur town. Now they are being taken care of here.

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The team from the health department is having a hard time with
32,956 tribals living in Attapadi , Kerala, which is the most backward area here. It is close to the border of Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. The second corona wave has reached this hinterland. Nodal Health Officer R. Prabhudas says the team from the health department has to work hard to get here following the hurricane and heavy rains. Even so, the team of doctors goes to all the villages in the hinterland. Along with this a doctor has been assigned duty in all the inland areas.

There is
very little awareness about corona in all of these areas. People here know nothing about the Kovid protocol. There are many jungle roads here, all the way to Tamil Nadu. People here also commute to and from relatives' homes in these areas. So the risk of infection is even higher here. However, the doctors of Kerala have provided an example of excellent service here.

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