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Baba Ramdev said- If the doctors saved lives, why have we come for Bhandara? 90% of Corona patients recovered from Yoga-Ayurveda

Exclusive Interview:  Baba Ramdev said- If the doctors saved lives, why have we come for Bhandara? 90% of Corona patients recovered from Yoga-Ayurveda

Baba Ramdev said- No one could predict the second wave of Corona, so the expected preparation to face was not possible.

Baba Ramdev's first interview to a newspaper amid controversy
Baba Ramdev said- Allopathy treated only 10% of critically ill patients in Korana
It is wrong to call Kumbh a super spreader ... I have seen for myself, 99% of the tents were empty: Baba Ramdev

The biggest controversy in the country's medical world today is between yoga guru Baba Ramdev and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) amid tensions over corona treatment and vaccines. Baba Ramdev spoke to a newspaper for the first time between the IMA's demand for a treason case and a defamation suit. In an exclusive interview with Bhaskar Group's Arun Chauhan, Baba claimed that only 10% of critically ill patients were treated with allopathy, the remaining 90% were cured with Yoga-Ayurveda. He gave clear answers on many issues, including the preparations against Corona, including Aquarius. Highlights of the conversation-

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Question: You preached yoga all over the world, why did you take a stand against allopathy during the epidemic?
Baba Ramdev: It is at such times that people need yoga-naturopathy the most. This is not the case. The blockade is to prevent the cause of the disease. The cause of the disease is weak lungs, weak liver-heart, weak immune system, weak nervous system, weak morale. Unfortunately, allopathy does not have a cure. It only does symptomatic treatment.

Question: But these doctors treated millions of people, saved lives ...
Baba Ramdev: The treatment done by these doctors is the biggest lie in the world. The cure for the root cause of the disease is only in yoga-naturopathy. If only these doctors treated us, why did we come to eat the treasures? I believe that these doctors have done a lot, but it is totally wrong and untrue to say that they have cured them. Even those whose oxygen level had reached 70 recovered with yoga and indigenous remedies. These doctors needed to treat critically ill patients. Dr. Guleria says 90% of people don’t need to go to the hospital. I would say that 95 to 98% of people do not need to go to the hospital. He recovered from Ayurveda, yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

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Question: Then why didn't the government include Coronil in Corona's homekit?
Baba Ramdev:This is not our fault, it is the fault of government policies. Why do you impose it on us? You can see it in any city of the country. With 90 out of 100 patients in Corona recovering from Ayurvedic methods of yoga-pranayama and a healthy lifestyle, how can it be said that only allopathic doctors have saved lives? I believe he also saved people’s lives. Many doctors have given their lives to save the lives of patients to whom we are indebted. He must help in such a crisis, otherwise what is the meaning of medical science? I believe that these doctors saved the lives of 10% of the people who were hospitalized in critical condition while 90% of the lives were saved by Yoga-Ayurveda and natural methods. So why do doctors object to me? It doesn't matter, because his big business is associated with it, but he can't hide the truth by force. I am not against allopathy.

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Question: You say that he cannot hide the truth by force, in the video you are saying who is who, let him arrest you ...
Baba Ramdev: My strength is not financial strength. Combining the pharma industry, the hospital industry and the business of doctors, there are at least 200 lakh crore businesses in the world. Against them, Baba Ramdev is not as much as 'camel or mouth in cumin', but the strength I have is the force of truth. This is the manpower of the country. My reach is up to 125 crore people. I have both ancestral knowledge and the latest research. I have this same strength. If I have never violated the statement of God and the constitution of the country then why should I be afraid.

Question: Doctors say you should be tried for treason?
Baba Ramdev: If Swami Ramdev is a traitor then who is a patriot? If serving the country is treason, is it a patriot whose strings are connected with conversion, who says that Corona is good, it will make conversion better. There is no need for medicine here, it will be fine if there is special grace of religion. Those who believe in such conversion and superstition have become the chairman of IMA. If there is an example, let me know when I have not spoken with the facts.

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Question: You are the one who says that the lives of critically ill patients have been saved by the doctors at the risk of their lives and you are the one who mocks their death ...
Baba Ramdev: I did not make fun of the death of the doctors. The WHO estimates that about 1.50 million people have died, including doctors. He even made fun of me saying that how can anyone die near Swami Ramdev, I am not omnipotent. He says we are omnipotent, no one can challenge us. I said your doctors are dead, we are in pain, we are in pain, we are in pain. Thousands have died after double vaccination doses.

Question: Where is the evidence that thousands of doctors died after double vaccination?
Baba Ramdev: Hey brother, you will get proof of this. I did not make the connection of double vaccination with all. As I said overall, thousands of doctors have died. You can delete WHO data. An estimated 1 lakh doctors and health workers died. I have not given any statistics of India or the world. Vaccination alone cannot save. On the one hand you take a double dose of vaccine and on the other hand you take a double dose of Yoga-Ayurveda.

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Question: There was a lot of controversy when Coronil was launched. The claim was that the drug was WHO approved, an attempt was made to do so?
Baba Ramdev: WHO has not even approved covexin. Their process is different, there is a different kind of lobbying, they have their own bigotry. Do you know where the WHO funding comes from? The pharma industry is behind it, so that even the words of America do not affect it. To be honest, we haven't tried it yet. The clinical control trial we conducted was published in the International Journal. The Ministry of AYUSH recognized Corona as a medicine.

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Question: We saw how people died from corona ... we saw queues of dead bodies on the banks of rivers ...
Baba Ramdev: There is still uncertainty about the death toll . The statistics of how many people got corona and how many of them recovered are not even close to the truth. However, two people have died in some villages, five in others and 10 in others. It is certain that the people defeated Corona by their own strength.

Question: Countries like America accurately predicted the third-fourth wave, prepared. Our country also has a high level panel and a complete system for this ... Do you think that India has made a strategic mistake in facing Corona?
Baba Ramdev: I will not fall into political party-opposition. Now call it politics or say it at the level of the panel that has been formed. The expected preparations could not be made as there was no forecast.

Question: In your opinion, there was a need to avoid elections or Aquarius in 5 states?
Baba Ramdev: I live in Haridwar. You show the view of Har Ki Padi and say that if Aquarius became a super spreader then this is a great lie. It includes anti-Hindu, anti-India lobbies and a social media community that receives international funding. 99% of the tents in Aquarius were empty. There were barely 500-1000 monks in each arena, 2-3 of whom died. It can happen anywhere. There are 5 to 7 lakh monks in the country, out of which 5 died from corona.


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Question: Has the government suggested any strategy on Yoga-Ayurveda along with vaccination?
Baba Ramdev: I have suggested to the Center that a PIL be filed on it. We want doctors in any field to prescribe whatever research-based drugs, treatments or therapies they have. 90% of doctors with allopathy also agree. Doctors who lead the IMA also sit at home and do craniotomy.

Question: How do you explain this controversy?
Baba Ramdev: We have to decide how much role is in modern medical science and how much is in Yoga-Ayurveda.

Question: Doctors, your public apology ... is firm on the case of treason ...
Baba Ramdev: I did not commit treason ... The statement you are talking about was not my statement at all. I read a social media message, which I withdrew. The talk is over. What do you want now, will you hang me?

Question: Also wrote a letter to IMA asking questions. Your new video came up, the controversy started anew ...
Baba Ramdev: Is it a crime to ask questions? Progressive society is one in which there is freedom to ask questions. I just asked if you have a cure for these 25 diseases ... in Ayurveda.

Question: Your statement regarding petrol-diesel prices and black money reminds people. Is this issue relevant today?
Baba Ramdev: I say remove the tax on petrol-diesel, the price will go down. The government says taxes are needed to run the country. The issue of black money is left to Modiji. We have taken up the task of fixing the black mind.

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