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Bats found in business class on flight to US, brought back to Delhi and made emergency landing

Bat on Air India flight:

He had to make an emergency landing after seeing a bat on an Air India flight from Delhi to the US. Air India flight number AI-105 took off from Delhi at 2:20 a.m. on Friday for Newark, New Jersey, USA. About 30 minutes after take off, a bat was found in the passenger area i.e. cabin. The plane was then brought back to Delhi, where the plane made an emergency landing at around 3.35 am. After which the Forest Department team found the bat dead from the plane.

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Air India's Boeing 777-ER plane is used for flight service between Delhi and Navark. "A local standby emergency has been declared at Delhi Airport for the DEL-EWR AI-105 flight," an Air India official told PTI. After landing, the crew reported that there were bats in the cabin.

Air India Boeing 777-ER with registration number VT-ALM is used for service between Delhi-Navark.

Wildlife Expert Removes Bats
About half an hour after the plane took off on Friday, the pilot informed air traffic control that there were bats in the plane. After which it was decided to return the plane by declaring an emergency. When airport staff inspected the plane after landing, the bat was nowhere to be found. After which the wildlife expert was called. They fumigated the plane after which they found a bat. However by then he was dead.


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DGCA orders probe into
incident The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered an inquiry into the incident . A senior official said, ‘Air India’s B777-300ER aircraft is used for service between Delhi-Navark. Whose registration number is VT-ALM. ' The matter has also come up against the negligence of the ground service staff, as the aircraft has to be thoroughly checked before each flight. Only when everything is fine does he get clearance for the flight.

The plane's staff said the bat was spotted in business class. The presence of bats in the flying plane caused a stir among the passengers.

The B-777 ER can carry 344 passengers. The number of passengers
aboard an Air India flight from Delhi to New Jersey is not known, but the B-777 ER plane used for service has a capacity of 344 passengers. The presence of bats in the flying plane could have endangered the lives of the crew, including the passengers.

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Air India's engineering service said in a preliminary report on the incident that a bat was found in the plane, which may have come from a catering vehicle , that the catering vehicle may be responsible for it. Meals are served to travelers on international flights. This meal comes from the base kitchen and is loaded into the plane. Mice and other small creatures have been found in this type of vehicle before.

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