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Bhuj Sports Center will be set up at a cost of Rs 5.5 crore

The Reading cum Study Center will be built on rent at a cost of Rs 2.65 crore

The Bhuj Area Development Authority will set up a Bhuj Sports Center on 2.80 acres of land near Bhuj Hill Garden at a cost of Rs 5.5 crore and a Bhuj Reading cum Study Center at a cost of Rs 2.65 crore near RTO Relocation Site.

Bhuj Area Development Authority Chairperson and Collector Praveena D. Under the development works being carried out by the Bhuj Area Development Authority by the Chief Executive Officer and Assistant Collector Manish Gurwani, considering the sports infrastructure available in Kutch district and the capabilities of the youth of Kutch, a well-equipped modern Bhuj Sports Center is being considered in Bhuj city. Accordingly, in the 36th board meeting of the authority, a decision has been taken in principle to develop Bhuj Sports Center in the open land of Bhuj Area Development Authority next to Bhuj Hill Garden.

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The Kutch Association of Civil Engineers and Architects (CASIA) has taken up the responsibility of preparing the maps and designs of Bhuj Sports Center on a pro-bono basis at a selfless cost. Designed by a team of Cassia-based architect-designer Faisal Khatri, the design includes indoor games including swash, badminton, table tennis and board games, as well as games for lawn tennis, basketball, volleyball and swimming pool. The sports complex also has yoga, gymnasiums and multi-purpose sports for small and large occasions. The estimated cost of construction of this sports complex is Rs.5.5 crore.

According to a design recently prepared by Cassia on a pro-bono basis, a separate Bhuj Reading cum Study Center with facilities for the preparation of competitive examinations in the city of Bhuj has been set up on RTO land. A theoretical decision has been taken to develop the vacant plot at the relocation site at an estimated cost of Rs 2.65 crore. A good way to process including tender for both these projects and coordination with the building department is being done.

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