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Claim - 3 researchers from Wuhan's lab fell ill 1 month before the first case, Fouchi said - Corona's natural illness

Corona was born in China:   Claim - 3 researchers from Wuhan's lab fell ill 1 month before the first case, Fouchi said - Corona's natural illness

Health workers inspecting the ward wearing PPE kits at the temporary Covid Care Center in New Delhi.

China has been reluctant to investigate coronaviruses every time
"Don't believe Corona came naturally," Fauchi said

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Corona china may be a man fat (prepared) virus. This is slowly being confirmed. Earlier, the Australian media claimed to have done research on the Corona in China in 2015, but now the US media has also made a big statement about the virus in its report.

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According to the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, China has withheld much-needed information from the world and the World Health Organization (WHO). China told the WHO that the first case of corona in Wuhan was reported on December 8, 2019, when the virus was reported a month earlier. Three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China were hospitalized in November 2019. Corona symptoms were seen in all three doctors during the illness. The virus then leaked from Wuhan's lab.


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Anthony Fauchi also expressed concern that the
report also revealed the number, timing and symptoms of the researchers' illness. An American official said the report was made available by one of his international partners. It should be investigated. Doctors at Wuhan Lab may have fallen ill at the time of the research. We got accurate information on this matter.

Fauchi said that corona is a natural disease, it is not easy to accept.

Fauchi denied
that the coronavirus came naturally in a recent interview when Anthony Fauchi was asked if he believed the coronavirus came naturally. "I do not believe it," Fauchi said in response. I think it remains to be seen what happened in China that caused the coronavirus.

Is the Corona epidemic natural or is the virus created in a lab?
This question is still a mystery. In the midst of this question, the American expert on Corona, Dr. Anthony Fauchi has made a big statement. Fauchi said that corona is a natural disease, it is not easy to accept.

Researchers at the Wuhan Lab found corona symptoms
. A recent statement by US President Joe Biden's top medical adviser Anthony Fauchi on the coronavirus issue came to light. He said he did not believe the virus could have originated on its own. This matter should be investigated. Many countries are demanding that the WHO conduct an independent investigation into the coronavirus' links to Chinese labs. Earlier in January, the administration of then US President Donald Trump announced a fact seat. It said researchers at the Wuhan Lab showed symptoms of corona.

In November 2019, 3 researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China showed symptoms of corona.

Why might this claim be justified?
This report of the American media cannot be denied. Last year, then-US President Donald Trump repeatedly called Corona a "Chinese virus." "The virus was developed in a Chinese lab and is affecting the world's health sector so badly that the economies of many countries will not be able to handle it," he said. Trump went so far as to say that the US Central Intelligence Agency had enough evidence and that it would be released to the world in due course.

However Trump lost the election and the Biden administration has not yet spoken about it in public. However, Bloomberg noted in a recent report that the United States is investigating the matter very quickly and seriously.

Australian media claims that China has been preparing since 2015.
Earlier, the Australian media also claimed that the coronavirus did not come suddenly in 2020, but China has been preparing it since 2015. The Chinese military was plotting to use the Kovid-19 virus as a biological weapon just six years ago. This was revealed by The Weekend Australian in its report.

The report is based on a research paper from China. It said China had been trying to build a biological weapon using the SARS virus for six years. According to the report, Chinese scientists and health officials were discussing different strains of corona in 2015. At the time, Chinese scientists said it would be used as a biological weapon in World War III. It also discussed how to manipulate it into an epidemic.

China is backtracking on coronavirus testing every time The
report also questioned the fact that China backtracks when it comes to testing for the virus. Australian cybersecurity expert Robert Potter said the theory that the virus could not be spread from a bat market was completely wrong. After an in-depth study on the Chinese research paper, Robert said that the research paper is quite appropriate. We continue to study on China’s research paper. It reveals what Chinese scientists are thinking.

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