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Classic clip:55-second video of two Tania priced at Rs 5 crore, American family's fortune shines

A video uploaded to YouTube almost 14 years ago, in 2007, has earned the American citizen to this day. This video of only 55 seconds has made such a fuss these days that the fortunes of the whole family have shone. 

This video of two innocent children having fun has been liked by the users from the very beginning. However, its popularity is increasing day by day so much that bids of up to Rs 5 crore have been made to buy it. 

The price of this video has started rising suddenly since Sunday when the auction started as NFT i.e. non-fungible token. So far, a bid of Rs 5 crore has been made to buy the video.

Howard Davis Carey, an American IT professional, decided to send this video of his two children having innocent fun to his parents. However, due to the large size of the video they could not email so they uploaded it on YouTube and sent the link to the parents. 

He also captioned the video Charlie Bit My Finger. Shortly after, when he opened the video to delete, he realized that the video had received millions of views and thousands of likes. However, even then, a question arose in their minds as to why this video is so popular among the users. But they did not have the answer to this question then and they do not have it today.

The two children in the video, Charlie and Harry, are also in their teens. Even these two brothers are now on the Internet.

So far, the family has earned millions of rupees by advertising on YouTube through this video. The family then auctioned off the NFT (non-fungible token) once again. A bid of Rs 5 crore has been made for this video in this auction. Let's talk about the popularity of this video so far it has received more than 883 million views. That means Charlie Bit My Finger is also one of the most watched videos on YouTube. Which has now become a classic clip decades later.

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