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Death toll rises to 16 in Bharuch's Patel Welfare Kovid Hospital

Death fire again in Gujarat: Death toll rises to 16 in Bharuch's Patel Welfare Kovid Hospital

Patients caught fire and collapsed on stretchers.

At the time of the fire at Patel Welfare Hospital, 27 patients were admitted to the ICU.
Surviving patients were shifted to hospitals including Bharuch Civil Hospital, Sevashram Hospital, Jambusar Al Mahmood

A huge fire broke out in the covid ward of Patel Welfare Hospital on Bypass Road in Bharuch late on Friday night. The fire spread to several parts of the hospital, including the ICU, creating chaos. Sixteen people, including 12 patients and two staff members, were reported killed in the incident. The death toll is expected to rise as the rescue operation draws to a close.

The operation to move the survivors of the fire to another hospital.

The preliminary finding that the fire was caused by a short circuit
was declared at the Welfare Hospital on Bharuch Jambusar Bypass Road at the Designated Covid Hospital. So many Koro positive patients from Bharuch were being given free treatment in this hospital for the last one year. A sudden fire broke out in the hospital's Kovid ICU ward at midnight in Teva, leaving 12 patients, two staff members and 18 others dead. Other patients admitted to the hospital have been rescued and shifted to another hospital. Preliminary findings are that the fire in the hospital's Kovid ward was caused by a short circuit.

The fire spread to other parts of the hospital.

According to preliminary information on the incident, 5 to 6 thousand people rushed out of the hospital. In Teva, Ta. At midnight on April 30, a sudden fire broke out in the Covid ward of the hospital, creating an atmosphere of great chaos. The news of the fire in the hospital spread like wildfire and 5,000 to 6,000 people from the western part of Bharuch rushed out of the hospital. Relatives of the hospitalized patients, on the other hand, were scrambling to save him.

Relatives of the patients rushed to the hospital when the fire was reported.

In addition to the 40 ambulances involved in the rescue operation
, 18 people, including 12 patients, were burnt to death in a blaze at the hospital at midnight. While other patients have been shifted to another hospital. More than 40 ambulances were called to the scene following the incident. Also, a convoy of district police and more than 12 vehicles of fire brigade reached the spot and started working to control the situation. Twenty-seven patients were being treated in the ICU ward when the hospital caught fire. Many of these patients have been reported to be bedridden. The incident was so serious and painful that people were crying for help and audio messages were flowing on social media.

Earlier, fire broke out at Kovid Hospital in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Jamnagar and Rajkot
. In the last one year, patients undergoing treatment for corona in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Jamnagar and Rajkot have also been caught in the ICU fire. In the last one year, there have been five fires in Bharuch.

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