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DRDO Hospital is ready to beat the third wave of Corona; Training will be given to medical-paramedical staff

How is the Josh:   DRDO Hospital is ready to beat the third wave of Corona; Training will be given to medical-paramedical staff

Patients have positive hope as they are being treated by Defense doctors - Colonel Arvind Kumar
We will serve patients as long as needed- Colonel Arvind Kumar

Patients are being treated in government and private hospitals for treatment of corona. However, Army doctors are treating coronary heart disease patients in several cities across the country, including Colonel Arvind Kumar, nodal officer of the state's only DRDO-run hospital in Ahmedabad, who spoke to Divya Bhaskar. Not only the second wave will be enough, but the local staff will be specially trained and prepared for the possible third wave. So far 1500 patients have been admitted to DRDO Hospital, currently 300 patients are undergoing treatment, 900 patients have recovered and returned home, while the rest of the patients have died.

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Colonel Arvind Kumar, who is currently the Nodal Officer of DRDO Hospital.

Start preparing to meet every situation
Arvind Kumar said in Ahmedabad Corona cases have been less, but the previous day experiences based on what is now conducted a special training program for doctors, which is part of the Defense medical staff other than local 90 doctor and 250 training paramedical staff In which the paramedical staff will be directly informed about the better use and maintenance of medical equipment, as well as certificates will be given to all the trained medical staff. Corona cases have now dropped in the second wave, although hospital-managers do not want to make any concessions in the midst of the third wave discussion and will train to deal with any situation from now on.

Army doctor treating a patient.

Preparing to serve as long as needed At
present, about 300 patients are being treated at DRDO Hospital, while about 900 patients have recovered and returned. Although the team of Army doctors does not want to take Corona lightly, that is why they are ready and vigilant to deal with any situation, so they are showing readiness to serve as long as needed. The hospital currently has more than 450 defense medical staff, including about 200 doctors and the rest paramedical staff. Serves doctors and paramedical staff from the Army, Navy and Air Force.


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Corona patients undergoing treatment in a 900-bed hospital.

This is a different kind of experience for Army doctors, paramedical staff,
said Arvind Kumar, who has so far operated medical campuses during natural disasters, but this is the first time he has run a large-scale hospital. The country is always ready to go when it needs to. This is also a different kind of experience for Army doctors and paramedical staff working in the hospital. Jawano fights against enemies on the borders of the country, in the same way he fights against Corona in the hospital and saves the patient.

DRDO Hospital has a team of doctors from the Navy, Army and Air Force.

Patients get positive energy just by listening to an Army doctor

Arvind Kumar, who has served in different Army hospitals across the country, says the people of the country have a lot of faith in and respect for the Army. Knowing that Army doctors are going to treat patients when they come here for treatment creates a positive energy in the minds of the patients and gives them confidence that they will recover faster. The environment of DRDO-Dhanvantari Kovid Hospital is different from other hospitals.


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Nursing staff working in the hospital.

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How is a doctor recruited in Defense?
According to Colonel Arvind Kumar, recruitment process in the Army takes place twice a year, in which MBBS or Super Specialist Doctors are recruited. After recruitment, these doctors are trained at the Lucknow Training Center. He is then assigned to different army hospitals or army camps across the country, where doctors are trained in self-defense in the field of defense and how to treat soldiers.

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