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Due to the sin of the system, the village was turned into a bat due to the broken protection wall of Ghogha sea, people's houses were flooded.

Deadly negligence:   Due to the sin of the system, the village was turned into a bat due to the broken protection wall of Ghogha sea, people's houses were flooded.

Gujarat Maritime Board, District Panchayat and Alang Marine Board agree to build a wall
Sanjay Singh Gohil - despite introducing Tantra many times

Ghogha village of Bhavnagar district, which is situated on the coast, where the protection wall built during the British rule has completely collapsed and fear has spread among the villagers. There are 3038 houses in Ghogha village. It has a population of 13,637. If this wall collapses and a big tide comes in, people's houses will be flooded. The monsoon is also approaching from June 20, which could cause a major water disaster if seawater seeps into the village at any time due to tsunami or high tide, though the system does not build a wall.

The people of the village are demanding that a protection wall be built

The tide in some areas of Ghogha had flooded the village. As you can see through the drone camera, children are seen swimming instead of playing in the streets. Some people's homes have been submerged. There is no such thing as rain or hurricane. The villagers are demanding that this protection wall be built as soon as possible before any major mishap occurs.

Only a fraction of the wall can be seen at present

During the British rule, a protection wall of more than one km was constructed along the coast to prevent the seawater from entering the village due to tsunami or high tide. The wall was built along the lowlands of Ghogha. Over time, the wall began to crumble, and now it is crumbling. Only a fraction of this wall is visible today. The villagers are worried about the intrusion of sea water into the village. The village sarpanch has been proposing to rebuild the wall for more than 20 years.

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This protection wall is in a state of "life in the buffalo"

But to this day no solution has been found, the reason for which is the protection wall in the situation of "Saiyari buffalo falls alive". This 1121 meter long protection wall, of which 141 meter wall is in charge of Gujarat Maritime Board. District Panchayat Bhavnagar is in charge of 446 meters and Alang Marine Board is in charge of 403 meters so that all three can agree to build this wall and it will be possible only if joint work is done together.

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The people of Ghogha village were forced to live under the shadow of fear

The coast of Ghogha is overcrowded and the water level is very high during the high tide, which has spread fear among the villagers. Even today, when the high tide comes, some coastal areas like Mora, Ghanchiwada, Mafatnagar, Barwada and Machhiwada are flooded. With the protection wall built at that time completely collapsing, the sea is now slowly making its way into the village by making huge gaps in the land. The people of Ghogha village have been forced to live under the cover of fear as the protection wall built along the coast has collapsed.

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Urge the government to do something before a major disaster strikes

The sea is so turbulent that a lighthouse has been in operation for years to prevent ships from other states or countries from entering in the wrong direction. Government or privately owned tugs or ships are anchored in the sea here. Ghogha-Dahej Ro-Ro ferry service has also been started just 1 km away from this protection wall. It is then necessary for the construction of this protection wall to be carried out jointly for all kinds of safety. A resident of Ghogha said that the wall of Ghogha has been broken for the last several years, due to which large tidal water has penetrated into the house in areas including Mora area, Dargah area, roof area of ​​Ghogha.

A request to the government before a major disaster

The villagers have been representing the government for 20-25 years but no solution has been found. Government officials arrive to evacuate locals in the event of a hurricane. More than 250 people have been evacuated from our area since the recent Tou-hurricane storm. Whenever a major disaster strikes, it will not take long for Ghogha to turn into a bat. I urge the government to do something before a major disaster strikes.

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Ghogha's life question If there is one, it is the sea wall of Ghogha

Ghogha village sarpanch Ansar Rathore said that Ghogha's lifeblood, if any, is the sea wall of Ghogha. The government has been playing tricks for the last several years. Ghogha village comes to mind when a natural disaster strikes. As you can see, the water in the Mora area is about to seep into the house. If there was a protection wall, this question would not come up, if there is a tide, then Ghogha village will be turned into a lake. Our demand is that the government should immediately build a wall and make Ghogha village fearless.

Ghogha's defense wall is built

Sanjay Singh Gohil, former president of Ghogha taluka panchayat, said, "You are seeing that the Ghogha defense wall has broken and the Ghogha sea water seeps into the village at high tide. I have made representations to the government several times during my tenure. Even the leaders of the silent government are blind, deaf and dumb. If there is a big loss in the coming days, who is responsible for it ...? When there is a big disaster, when there is a hurricane, the system remembers the noise.

Tantra shows the excuses of the Corona epidemic

But since then no one is looking at Ghogha, my humble request to Tantra and the government is to build a defense wall of Ghogha, the present Tantra is showing the excuse of Koro epidemic so that we will be forced to agitate in the coming days. "I have not received any update yet," Bhavnagar District Panchayat DDO Varun Kumar Barnwal said in a telephone conversation.

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