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Edit:From June 1, there will be 5 major changes, including banking and income tax e-filing, which will have a direct impact on your pocket.

Edit:From June 1, there will be 5 major changes, including banking and income tax e-filing, which will have a direct impact on your pocket.

Many changes are going to take place across the country from June 1. It will have a direct effect on your pocket and your life. So you need to know the rules in advance. From June 1, the method of payment by check at Bank of Baroda will change. Here are 5 changes that will affect you.


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Positive pay system will be implemented in
Bank of Baroda from June 1. Bank of Baroda will change the method of payment from check from June 1. The bank has made positive pay confirmation mandatory for customers to prevent fraud. The purpose of implementing this system is to prevent check fraud. Customers will have to reconfirm the details of the check under the positive pay system when they give a check of Rs 2 lakh or more.


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Under the positive pay system, the issuer of the check has to provide some information related to the check to the bank making the payment electronically. This information can be provided via SMS, mobile app, internet banking or ATM.

The price of gas cylinders will change. The
country's state-owned oil companies fix the prices of LPG cylinders on the first of every month. Prices may also rise and relief may be available. In such a situation, the prices of cylinders may change on June 1.

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Unlimited photos cannot be uploaded to Google Photos after June 1 for more Google storage . According to Google, 15GB of space will be given to each Gmail user. This space includes Gmail's email as well as your photo. It also includes Google Drive. If you want to use more than 15GB of space, you have to pay for it. So far unlimited storage was free.

The Income Tax e-filing site will be closed
from June 1. The Income Tax Department's e-filing portal will not work from June 1 to 6. Also on June 7, the Income Tax Department will launch a new Income Tax e-filing portal for taxpayers. According to the Director of Income Tax, the official website for filing ITR will be changed on June 7, 2021. It will be http://INCOMETAX.GOV.IN from June 7. Currently it is

The unlock process will begin.
Due to the increasing cases of corona in the country where there is a lockdown, the lockdown can be relieved from June 1. Corona cases are declining in the country. With that in mind it may be decided to relieve the lockdown. However, cities with higher cases are less likely to get relief.

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