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Fertilizer prices will come down in 24 hours, Gujcomasol orders to stop selling fertilizers at new prices

 Good news: Fertilizer prices will come down in 24 hours, Gujcomasol orders to stop selling fertilizers at new prices

The biggest good news for Gujarat farmers is that the government is likely to provide a subsidy of Rs 500 against the Rs 700 price hike on phosphatic fertilizers. 

Farmers are likely to get a big relief when the kharif season is currently the time to buy fertilizers. In Rajkot, Agriculture Minister R. C. Four leaders, including Dilip Sakhia, were detained by police today as they rushed to Faldu's residence to protest against the hike in fertilizer prices. 

The leaders said that there is no office of the Agriculture Minister in Rajkot, if we call them, they do not pick up the phone and by raising the price of fertilizer, this government has provided fertilizer to farmers' houses. However, Gujcomasol's chairman has hinted at a price cut.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

Sale of manure till instruction

Gujcomasol has stopped selling fertilizer until new price notifications are received. The government of India is preparing to increase the subsidy by more than Rs 500 per bag. These are indications that prices are falling as per Sanghani's written order on the second day of Adarya.

The chairman of Gujcomasol has written a letter saying that after the sale of phosphatic fertilizer, the new price at which the fertilizer is dispatched should not be sold until further notice. But a congregation will be able to sell if it has old manure.

Farmers in Saurashtra are outraged over the issue of fertilizer price hike during the local body elections in Gujarat.

Congress is misleading the farmer

The farmers 'union said that when farmers' votes were needed in the elections, Union Agriculture Minister Purushottam Rupala, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, Agriculture Minister RC Faddu, Supply Minister Jayesh Radadia and several MLAs, MPs, etc. assured that the price of fertilizer would not go up. By talking, Congress is misleading the farmers. But now the price hike has been slashed.


Seriously, in the midst of a devastating epidemic in the villages of Corona, it is now imperative for farmers to buy fertilizer as the time for sowing draws near, and with that citation, the situation of farmers raising prices has become dire. Farmers fear year-round spoilage and adverse effects on agricultural production.

The central government has also made diesel more expensive by levying higher taxes, while seeds, medicines, labor, etc. are also expensive, while farmers 'incomes have been halved amid talk of doubling farmers' incomes. If the price hike is not reversed, there will be a flurry of agitation. However, fertilizer prices are likely to fall in 24 hours.

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