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From June 1, Google will charge you for more than 15GB of storage, follow these tips to free up Google Account storage.

Storage Saving Tips:  From June 1, Google will charge you for more than 15GB of storage, follow these tips to free up Google Account storage.

From June 1, users will get only 15GB of free storage. This storage is for Google services including Mail, Google Photos and Drive
The user will have to take a paid subscription to save more than 15GB of storage
To avoid this, you can empty your mail account and save space for Google Photos

Tech giant Google is going to upgrade its storage service. From June 1, users will only get 15GB of storage for free. The user will get the same amount of storage for free on one ID. This includes storage of Drive files, email, Google Photos and other Google services. If you empty Gmail's storage, you'll automatically find so much space in Google Photos. Before this new storage policy of the company is implemented, use this trick to empty your account and save space ...

Delete email

For office work or for personal work, we send and receive many mails throughout the day, some of which are mails that need to be saved permanently. You can delete the rest of the mail and save a good amount of space.

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 Google is also offering a good feature for you. If you want to delete the mail of the particular sender, you can enter the name of the sender by clicking on the Advanced button in the search bar in the mail. As soon as you hit enter, you will get a list of mails with Sender's name. Delete whatever you want to delete from it. Remember that deleted files are also collected in Trash.

Delete mail over a certain size

Mail that has images, documents or ppt attached has more space than text mail. To save space by deleting it, you can search and delete this type of mail by selecting 5MB or 10MB in the attachment larger option.

Unsubscribe Social Mails

Most of the users only pay attention to the primary mail but there is a lot of mail in the social tab. By unsubscribing, you can save mail storage from overflowing. It has various social media platforms and promotional mail. Deleting it can save you space for Google Photos.

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Google Drive and Google Photos
This is how you can save space by going to Google Drive and Photos and using Advanced Search to delete files that you don't need.

Cloud storage plans from Google, Apple and Microsoft


Google OneApple OneMicrosoft OneDrive
50GB-75 / Mass-
100GB130 / Mass-140 / Mass
200GB210 / Mass219 / Mass-
1TB--420 / Mass
2TB650 / Mass749 / Mass-
100GB1300 / year--
200GB2100 / year--
2TB6500 / year--
6TB--530 / Mass
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