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Google Account Storage Policy Changes From June 1, Learn All About Your Impact and New Policy

Bhaskar Explaner:  Google Account Storage Policy Changes From June 1, Learn All About Your Impact and New Policy

Until now, Google has unlimited storage for high quality backups on photos.
Now you have to pay Google for extra space than 15GB

Google's storage policy is set to undergo a major overhaul from June 1. The backup file on Google Photos will now count to Google's 15GB of free storage. Until now, photos were backed by Google Unlimited Storage for high quality backups. In other words, apart from the storage of photos, 15GB of storage was available.

How will Google's use of this policy change? How do you manage Google Space? How much do you have to pay Google for extra space? Let us know the answers to all these questions from the area ...

What is changing in the policy?
Google will now give you only 15GB of free storage for data storage. One account lets you take advantage of Gmail, Drive, Photos and other Google services. Currently, any content uploaded to Google Photos is not counted in the 15GB free storage. From June 1, Google will also count high quality photos and videos backed up to photos in 15GB of free storage. Gmail, Drive, Photos and other Google services will be able to store a total of 15GB of data on one account.

In addition, after June 1, 2021, Google may delete your data if you do not use Google for 2 consecutive years or if you do not upgrade after completing the data limit for 2 years.

For example, if you haven't used Google Photos for 2 years in a row but have used Drive and Gmail, your photos' data will be deleted. This means that the data of the Google product on which you are active will be safe.

What should I do to free up storage from Google Photos?

  • You can select and delete unnecessary photos and videos on your account. You can get help with this management tool.
  • Here you can delete large files from Gmail, Photo and Drive.
  • The storage manager will specify your storage limit according to the backup frequency and file size.
  • You can also manage which folder of the phone you want to select backup for photos.
  • You can also reduce the upload quality of photos and videos so that less storage is consumed.

The company says that it will take about 3 years for the average Google user to meet the storage limit.

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How to increase storage capacity?
Unnecessary files, even after deleting the photo, if you need more storage, you can buy storage from Google. Google has launched a separate app for it called Google One. You can buy monthly and annual plan as per requirement.

What will happen to the current content on Google Photos?
Google clarified that data before June 1 will not be counted in free storage. This means that backups on Google Photos before June 1 will not be counted in the 15GB free storage. You can download these files. However, if you edit these files after the storage is full, the edited file cannot be downloaded.

Which users will not be affected by this new policy

  • Users using Google Pixel phones
  • Users who have already upgraded to Google One
  • Users using Google's business services

What currently counts in Google's free storage?
This includes files stored in Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos.

Google Drive

  • Photos, videos and documents in the "My Drive" section of the drive.
  • Deleted files within the "Trash" section of the drive.


  • Mail and mail attachments.
  • Mail and files inside the Spam and Trash folder.

Google Photos

  • Photos and videos backed up in original quality.

What does not count in Google Storage

  • Files of other users shared with you on Google Drive.
  • Data from Google Sites.
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Gemboards and Drawing Data.


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What's the difference between Google Drive and Google Photos?
Both of these Google services are used for backup. Photos are specially developed for photos and videos. So you can backup all kinds of files in Google Drive. Videos and photos with pdf, word files can also be uploaded to the drive, but the content of the drive cannot be edited or managed like the photos.

How does Google Photos work?
Makes digital copies of whatever photos and videos you have in your phone and stores them in the cloud. You can access these files from anywhere with a Google Account. Also can be downloaded, edited, managed and shared.

Where is your data saved?
Google has built data centers around the world for data storage. It’s kind of the brain of the internet. This data center houses the user's data store.

Where does Google make money if it offers everything for free?
All Google services are free up to a limit. Google then charges for the use of its services. The current storage policy change in Google Photos is part of Google's paid subscription model. Google will charge you after using 15GB of free storage. Google's other service works the same way.

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Google's biggest source of income is advertising. Google charges for advertising on its own and other websites and apps. Google's AdSense program is for that. Apart from this Google offers many kinds of services to the business. It includes services including storage, books, Google Apps, web hosting and cloud platforms.

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