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Health ministry says more people are recovering from new cases in last 20 days, 8 lakh active cases reduced

Corona began to control:  Health ministry says more people are recovering from new cases in last 20 days, 8 lakh active cases reduced

According to the health department, the emphasis on testing and content zones has led to a decline in new cases

Corona cases have been declining in the country for the last 20 days. On the other hand, the good news is that more people are recovering than in new cases. The Ministry of Health was informed about this on Saturday. Meanwhile, Joint Health Secretary Love Agarwal said that the number of active cases in the country has come down by about 8 lakh. 

There are now only 7 states in the country where more than 10 thousand cases are coming daily. The number of states where 5-10 thousand cases come is 6. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, UP, Punjab and Delhi have the highest number of deaths.

Emphasizing on increasing the contentment zone
, Agarwal said, "Even now we are trying to increase the contentment zone." We are constantly increasing testing. This is the reason why we have succeeded in preventing the spread of the transition. There are 381 districts with a positive rate of more than 10 per cent. However we still need to do more work.


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Vaccine waste reduced
, according to the health ministry, vaccine waste has decreased in the country. Now only 4% of the dose is getting worse. Slowly trying to bring it to zero.


Epidemic / Black Fungus Increases India's Tension: Central Government Gives Big Statement to Fafdi, Harshvardhan on Third Wave

"Guidelines for prevention
and treatment of fungal infections have been issued," Love Agarwal said.

News of relief about Corona

The positivity rate in 18 states is over 15 per cent. It is declining in almost every state. There are 14 states with 5 to 15 percent positivity. 4 states have a positivity rate of less than 5 per cent.
More than 1 lakh active cases have been dropped to only 8 states. There are 8 states with 50 thousand to one lakh active cases. There are 20 states and union territories with less than 50,000 active cases.
In the last 24 hours, 2.57 lakh cases have been reported in the country. 3.57 lakh people have recovered. 78 per cent new cases have been reported in 10 states. At present, more than 10,000 cases are being registered daily in 7 states alone.
As on May 3, the country had 17.13 per cent active cases. Now it is 11.12 per cent. The recovery

Breastfeeding women get the vaccine, but do not stop feeding babies
. Breastfeeding women can also be vaccinated, VK Pol said. And even in the meantime they can feed the babies. Children can also be infected. Even children are no longer excluded from it. However the transition from them can also spread. However, this infection may not affect them at all or they may have a very common infection. Serious cases are rare. It can only happen in 3-4 percent. It is also important for children to be protected from infection. Children also need to be taught covid appropriate behavior.

About the increase in black fungus cases, Paul said, "Excess and hydose drugs can cause harm." Cases of fungus can increase when drug regulations are broken. The epidemic is stabilizing in most states of the country, he said. The positivity rate and active case are also declining.

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