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In Anandnagar, fire was brought under control with the help of 15 fire brigades, 25 out of 100 huts were burnt to ashes, the entire area was evacuated.

Ambulance and police are also present at the scene

A huge fire broke out in a hut in front of Radio Mirchi Tower in Anandnagar area of ​​the city. Initially, more than 12 huts caught fire and 15 fire brigade vehicles were dispatched to the spot immediately. 

An ambulance and police also arrived at the scene recently. A few fires have been contained by the fire brigade. Currently, around 25 huts have been burnt down in the accident

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The entire slum area has been evacuated. People are being evacuated by the police. More firefighters have been called in to help the fire. The fire brigade is rushing to the houses as the houses are located in and around the slums and the fire brigade is having difficulty in controlling the fire.

More firefighters were called in to help the fire.

People have removed their household items, belongings and gas bottles from nearby houses. The huts have been burnt to ashes.

People are being evacuated by the police.

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