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In the latest pics from around the world

In the latest pics from around the world:This is called turning disaster into opportunity !: This picture is not of ants but ...; Watch a race that you may not have seen

Is there a model? Yes why not

This is called turning disaster into opportunity!

There are some people in the world who have a lot of pain in their life but they continue to suffer and do not even tell their grief to anyone but become an inspiration for others. Here is an American model that people kept trolling but never lost courage. 23-year-old Mahogany Gator is actually physically handicapped. People have always seen models with slim, supple and erotic physique at fashion shows but this American model Mahogany Gator is different. 

She is also the lord of beauty but has the effect of a disease called lymphedema in one of her legs. This is a disease in which excess fluid accumulates in the body and accumulates in the delicate organs of the body where there is soft tissue. Due to this, one leg of this model weighed 45 kg. There is no cure for this disease. People mocked him, trolled him but he never lost his courage but turned his calamity or weakness into opportunity or strength. She started uploading photoshoots with one of her heavy legs. Now people are giving him good comments, also getting inspired.

Water is life, will this be understood only if there is no water?

This is not a picture of ants, but of ants helpless against nature. There is also a village in the desert area near the Indo-Pakistan border in the Barmer district of Rajasthan where people still rely on water gushing from ancestral pits in the desert. 

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This is a picture taken from the sky. Even after 73 years of independence, the hope of water is incomplete with the help of the government. The people of Sargila village, with a population of about 2,000, collect every drop of water dripping from a pit dug in the desert and have been living in the hope of this water for years. 

With the rays of the sun in the morning, women and children are betting to get water from this 100 year old pit. The situation is that it is also the turn to draw water here. Women, children and the elderly are all waiting for their turn. There are more than 10 such pits in the village, out of which only 3-4 springs water. The rest of the pits have dried up. It is said that if there is a third world war, the root cause will be water. Not only the people living in the desert but also the people of most parts of the world may have to suffer these days without water. Let's understand that water is the only life when water is not available.

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Flamingo Race!

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The changing mood of the weather is coming like a flamingo. A large number of flamingos can be seen in the Mahi backwaters of Banswara district of Rajasthan this year as compared to every year. As soon as the monsoon ends, flamingos start coming here and stay here till summer. They also have easy access to food as there is less water in the backwaters in summer. It is worth mentioning that flamingos can stand on one leg for approximately 5 hours. Photo: Nitesh Bhavsar / Yash Saraf

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