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:In the second wave of corona, as the amount of D-dimer in the patients increases, blood clots form in the legs and gangrene occurs.

Exclusive:In the second wave of corona, as the amount of D-dimer in the patients increases, blood clots form in the legs and gangrene occurs.

Diabetes and gangrene specialist Dr. for 25 years in Rajkot. Vibhakar Vachchharajani talks to DivyaBhaskar ...
In Rajkot, the number of gangrene cases has increased 7 times, 70 cases have been reported in a month, two patients are operated on daily and their legs are amputated.

The corona epidemic has not ended in the whole of Saurashtra, including Rajkot, where the psoriasis of pneumonia has spread. There is now an increase in the number of cases of gangrene along with mucorrhoea, on the other hand. The gangrene specialist Dr. Speaking to DivyaBhaskar, Vibhakar Vachchharajani said that doctors believe that there has been a 5 to 7 per cent increase in gangrene cases after the second wave than the first wave of corona. In the second wave of corona, the disease begins to spread as the amount of D-dimer increases in the patients, in many cases the patient's legs are amputated.

The number of gangrene patients in the first wave was low.
Rajkot has been treating diabetes and foot diseases for the last 25 years as well as gangrene specialist Dr. Vibhakar Vachchharajani further said that he has seen cases of gangrene which he has never seen in 25 years after the second wave of this corona. The number of gangrene patients was low in the first wave, but the number of cases seems to have increased five times since the second fatal wave. And in this situation the patient has no choice but to amputate the leg. At that time, the patient's leg is being amputated and treated by performing one to two operations daily.

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More than 70 cases were reported in Rajkot in a month,
he said, adding that only one of them had a new patient coming to Rajkot daily for treatment of gangrene. Around Rajkot, more than 70 cases of gangrene will be reported in a month. The main cause of gangrene is an increase in the amount of D-dimer in the corona.

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In 5 days, 10 patients had to undergo surgery and amputate their legs
. In the last 15 days, Vachchharajani has operated on 10 patients and amputated their legs. After corona, some patients are prescribed medication by a doctor to thin the blood, which needs to be taken regularly, if not taken regularly, there is a good chance of gangrene. People do not need to panic in the meantime, but it is important to take medication and take care as advised by doctors.


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Patients who have been given steroids are more likely to develop gangrene
, diabetics, people who smoke more BD cigarettes, patients with blood clots in the lungs, as well as patients suffering from mental stress and heart attack. Vachchharajani said. Patients who have been given more steroids during corona treatment have a higher chance of developing gangrene.

It starts with gangrene.


Unbearable pain in fingers, toes or toes
Strange tingling in the limb after pain
Feel the needle being inserted into the limb
Finger or toe color changes to white or blue
The disease is more prevalent in the legs, starting with the fingers and progressing if not treated properly.

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