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Know what is the third wave of Corona virus, which Indians fear; What will India do if other countries resort to lockdown?

Third wave: Know what is the third wave of Corona virus, which Indians fear; What will India do if other countries resort to lockdown?

The Coronation Wave is India's new concern

The third wave of corona is considered very dangerous for children

As the second wave of Corona virus in the country prepares to reach its peak, the government is now worried about a third wave. The question on everyone's mind is, if the second wave is so dangerous, what will be the effect of the third wave? Discussions have also begun about whether the current vaccine against the third wave will be effective. Many countries have also increased other sanctions, including lockdowns, to prevent a third wave. Supposedly, the third wave of the corona will stop only when we stop somewhere. There is a strong fear of another wave of Corona in India today. But at the same time, the discussion of the third wave on all four sides is also increasing. So let's find out if this is the third wave ....

Dr Shekhar Mande, director general of the Council of Scientific Industrial and Research (CSIR), also said that a third wave of corona would come to the country. "Scientists around the world are concerned about this," he said. Everyone is involved in preventing it. "The third wave can be avoided, because we have the vaccine," Mande said.

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What is the Third Wave?
Hans Cluj, WHO's director for Europe, said a mutation for a new variant of the virus in the third wave, B117, had been seen for the first time in the UK. It is also said that it spreads the infection 50 percent faster than the original virus and is more deadly. That said, the spread of the variant is increasing and is likely to spread more quickly if people do not stay safe and controlled.

The third wave will be more dangerous for children
Some experts and scientists believe that the third wave will be very aggressive for young children. In the first wave of Corona, the elderly became more infected. The second wave also shows that there is no age barrier and the youth class is more involved in it. For the third wave, it is thought that children under the age of 12 may be more likely to be infected. With the third wave in mind, scientists and experts now believe that vaccines should be developed as soon as possible, even for children under 18 years of age.

What is the current situation of
India? Speaking of India, the second phase of vaccination has been started by the government here. In the first phase, the process of vaccinating health workers, front line workers and people over the age of 45 is underway. There is a lot of fear in people’s minds about the Thirdwave in these circumstances. Despite the fact that there are more than 3.50 lakh cases and more than 3000 deaths per day in the country, no complete lockdown has been announced by the central government. However, seven states in the country, including Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Bihar, have imposed lockdowns, according to him.

Other countries' position against Corona's third wave
Germany's position Germany
had planned to open schools, jobs and businesses by the end of February. But as soon as the third wave started, people became alert. Here the lockdown has been extended after the Third Wave. This strict decision was taken as soon as 30 thousand cases came here in one day. Importantly, young children were more likely to be infected in this wave.

Most countries resorted to lockdowns and sanctions to counter the Third Wave

France's status
A national lockdown has been declared for the third time in France. Schools and colleges as well as jobs have been shut down. A night curfew has also been imposed from 7 pm to 6 am. Another plus point here, however, is that 11.6 million people have been vaccinated here.

Cases rise again in
Italy The number of cases in Italy has been rising since January. 12000 cases were reported in January which increased to 20,000 in April. Here, too, the government is pushing for a vaccination program as soon as possible. So that the third wave can be brought under control.

Continuation of sanctions in the
Netherlands The government of the Netherlands has ordered the continuation of sanctions. Recently, there was talk of lifting the curfew from April 21. But in view of the situation that has suddenly deteriorated, sanctions have been ordered to continue here.

Curfews and sanctions were extended due to the increasing number of new cases and deaths of Corona

Poland's situation worsens The
Polish government is also trying to protect the people against the third wave of Corona. There has been a sudden increase in cases here. A total of 26 lakh cases have been reported here till the third week of April. While the death toll has gone up to 59 thousand. Under these circumstances, the Polish government has decided to continue the lockdown in the near future.

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