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Lions Club of China sends 20 oxygen contrasters to Gujarat from Ahmedabad's sister city Guangzhou

Help from China:  Lions Club of China sends 20 oxygen contrasters to Gujarat from Ahmedabad's sister city Guangzhou

Contraster from China

Lions Club China is ready to help with the ongoing epidemic in the country.
China sends oxygen contraceptor to Gujarat despite many comments on social media

The second wave of corona in the country has proved daunting. Most of the young people infected with this second wave of corona have lost their lives due to corona. The sudden rise in Corona cases in the country led to a situation of missing beds in the hospital. 

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In this second wave, the number of patients in need of oxygen also started increasing so that the country was also deprived of oxygen. At the same time, mucorrhoea has been declared an epidemic in some states. In the midst of all this, China has joined hands by sending oxygen contractors to Gujarat.

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Gujarat gets help from China The
Lions Club of China has sent 20 oxygen contraceptors to Gujarat from Sister City Guangzhou in Ahmedabad and also sent the message "stay strong india". China is blamed for the corona virus in the world, which many countries now see as an enemy, although surprisingly, the corona situation in China is now under control. However, the organization of the Lions Club of China in China, considering the reports of the ongoing epidemic in the country, thought of helping India.

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Contractor sent by Lions Club of China

Lions Club of oxygen sent kontrestarsa cainae
had expressed the readiness to help by contacting the state of cainae Lions Club Lions Club. With the help of this oxygen contrast, oxygen is easily available to home quarantine or rural patients. The Lions Club has so far provided 1000 Oxygen Contractors to Gujarat for the treatment of people in many small towns and villages in the state. Many patients need 3-4 days of oxygen even after being discharged from the hospital so with the help of all these contraceptors they can also get oxygen at home.

So far about 1000 contractors have been given to Gujarat

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