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Logic Puzzles Questions with Answers [Latest Questions]

Spiral clockwise round the perimeter and finish at the centre square to spell out a nine letter word. You must find the starting point and provide the missing letters.

Logical puzzle reasoning often features in bank PO, SSC, GPSC, UPSC, TAT, TET, HTAT, PI, RAILWAY EXAMS FOR ALL government exams and many entrance tests. These are mostly arrangement-based, alphanumeric or analytical reasoning puzzles. 

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Solve the given questions and check your mental abilities:


What are Logical Puzzles?

Logical Reasoning Puzzles require you to analyze the given piece of information, pick the information that is important and leave out the information that is not required in solving the given set of questions. 

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Reasoning puzzles are mostly based on blood relations, arrangements, inequalities, etc. Sometimes, the questions test your lateral thinking and may not require any deduction or analysis.

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