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Months which you choose

Choose your partner’s birthday qnd see how they are

January:- this heart shows that they will give you so kuch love without any hope from you.

February:- this month shows so much love. they will never leave you. This person can die for you.

March:- This person will famous as your lover whole life. They will never put you in trouble. They will be as safe wall.

April:- this person is very funny and charming too. If They have sorrow feelings but still they will not to show anyone. Because they don’t want to give sorrowness to anyone because of them.

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May:- this person is very kind and helpful. They will always have minded brain to do work easily. But they always feel special as their partner.

June: they like to go out. They are very caring person. They can die for their partner.

July: most loveable person. They can mellow drama in relation but in true way.

AUGUST: always love their parents. They are like khataro ke khiladi. They can scold their partner and they can love their partner. But they have always true feelings.

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SEPTEMBER: they are rich people by heart feeling and by money too.

October: they have brilliant mind. May be possible they have unique tricks as work and do love because they want to do different as compared to everyone.

November: cool person. They would like show off. They want to be successful person as in life. They are hard workers in life and in love.

December: they are so lucky. They look is smarter than everyone. They have unique skill to work. If they love anyone they can die them self and kill to other.

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