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Nasal spray can be a game changer for India:Canadian company claims - 99% effective in preventing our spray corona, it will be available in India in a few months

Nasal spray can be a game changer for India:Canadian company claims - 99% effective in preventing our spray corona, it will be available in India in a few months

Gilli of Cenotize, a company that makes nasal sprays, says the spray was more than 99 percent effective in trials in countries such as Britain and New Zealand.

Vaccination is considered to be the most effective weapon against corona, but not everyone can be vaccinated so quickly in a country with a large population like India. Meanwhile, a nasal spray from the Canadian company 'Senotize' has become a topic of discussion all over the world. Cenotize claims that the nasal spray has undergone clinical trials in Britain and New Zealand, with 99 percent effective.


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How does this nasal spray work? How long will it take to come to India? How much will it cost? Bhaskar has spoken to Gilli Regve, the founder of the nasal spray company Cenotize, about some of these questions. Here are the highlights of the conversation ...

Question: The company claims that this nasal spray is 99% effective, which organization is stamping on this claim?
A: We do not have this air claim, based on test results. After testing the nasal spray in our lab, we sent the manufacturing formula to the University of Utah in the USA. The university's antiviral institute has found it to be 99.9% effective, not 99, after conducting lab tests.

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We used the world’s most excellent and reliable method of research ‘Double Blind Placebo Control’. For this, two groups were formed. One was given a placebo i.e. a normal nasal spray and the other was given a sanotized nasal spray. No one in the group had any idea who was given what. We found that people who used Cenotize nasal sprays had a 95% reduction in viral load within 24 hours, while viral loads were reduced by 99% within 3 days. These were all cowardly positive people. The results have already been published in the world-renowned Journal of Infection.

Question: How does this spray work against Corona?
A: The most special thing about this nasal spray is that the chemical it is made of is present in every part of our body. This nasal spray is made of nitric oxide. This chemical component is already present in every system of our body, so the human body will not have any difficulty in adjusting to it. Nitric oxide is an antifactive microbial chemical that inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses. Just like we take a nasal spray, this first creates a barrier in the first nose.


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This barrier kills non-specific viruses immediately. On the one hand the virus dies due to the barrier. On the other hand, this nitric oxide blocks the entry of the virus into the cells of the receptors in the nose.

Question: Since when can people in India get it? And where to find it first? Will there be a simultaneous or other strategy across the country?
A: We are looking for a potential partner in India. Several companies have shown interest. We are in very advanced stage with some very large pharmaceutical companies. We can't name him right now, but I think we'll find a partner soon. After that, the process of getting approval in India will start. So all I can say is that the cenotage nasal spray will soon reach India. It will be up to our Indian partner company how and where it wants to deliver first.

The company says the spray is made of nitric oxide, the chemical of which is present in every part of the body. This spray is also more effective as it is made from a natural component of the body and has no side effects.

Question: Will the government have any control over its use? That is a doctor's prescription or some other condition?
A: We can't say right now, once a deal is struck with a partner company, the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization of India-CDSCO will review our document, then decide how to use 'nasal spray', with or without a prescription. Determining such things depends on the drug policy of any country.

Question: What will be the cost of this? What is the present abroad and what will be the price in India?
A: All I want to say right now is that we are making cenotaphs for everyone in need. The price will be decided on a deal with a partner company. We are not saying that we will provide such a cheap nasal spray that everyone can buy easily, but we have created it with the aim of reaching as many people as possible. So it won't cost much. We try to make the nasal spray affordable for as many people as possible.


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Question: Is there any precaution to be taken with the use of Cenotize nasal spray? Any side effects also seen?
A: Not at all. We can claim that it has no side effects. The most special thing about this nasal spray is that it is made of nitric oxide. The molecule of this chemical is present in every system of our body, hence it is also called a natural chemical component, hence there is no scope for side effects.

Question: Will this nasal spray be used to treat coronary infections or to prevent infection?
Ans: It can be used in both the cases.

Question: How long and how many times a day to use?
Answer: If you are using nasal spray to prevent infection once or twice a day, for about a month and if you are using treatment 4-5 times a day, the duration will be decided by the doctor depending on the severity.

Question: Can people who take the first and second doses of the vaccine also take this nasal spray?
Ans: Yes, of course. Look, the transition to Kovid-19 is so deadly that not a single 'tool' but a 'tool box' is needed to deal with it. This nasal spray is in a way a powerful tool of the 'tool box' prepared for the fight against covid. It can be taken in both before and after vaccinations. Yes, one thing to keep in mind is that while we claim that nasal spray is effective, it does not mean that you should not be vaccinated. Vaccination is required.

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Question: Will I need to be vaccinated if I am taking this spray?
A: I have said the same thing, vaccination is necessary, as I continue to believe that not only India, but many other countries, where vaccination is not possible for everyone so soon, nasal spray will be effective.

The company says the spray will be available in India in a few months after approval. Regarding the price, the company says that it may not be very cheap, but we try to make it affordable to as many people as possible.

Question: Is there any other nasal spray of this type in the market? Created by another company?
A: I don't think any 'nasal spray' based on a natural component like nitric oxide is available in advance and this natural component is our specialty.

Question: In which countries has the clinical trial started? Where is its use approved?
A: Clinical trials have taken place in the UK. The EFC rate was found to be very strong during the trial. We have seen that this nasal spray has been very effective in eliminating the mutations in the UK variant, the coronavirus, or the most lethal variant in question. We have started the process, hope to get approval soon. We have done safety trials in Canada. Phase-3 trials are now underway in Canada. Israel and New Zealand have approved it for use in medical emergencies.

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