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Nautpa will be completed this week, with only 1 fast between May 31 and June 6

Weekly Almanac:  Nautpa will be completed this week, with only 1 fast between May 31 and June 6

This week will be special from astrological point of view, this week 4 auspicious moments and 2 planets will change zodiac sign.

There will be no festivities between May 31 and June 6. Nautpa will be completed in the early days of this week. After that, on the last day of the week, there will be Ekadashi fast of Jeth month. On this day, there is a tradition of special worship of Lord Vishnu and fasting. Doing so can remove all kinds of troubles and unintentional sins.

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This week will be very special from an astrological point of view. Earlier this week, Mars will be replaced by Cancer. Then the planet Mercury which is moving in its zodiac sign Gemini will come behind one zodiac sign i.e. Taurus. Also, this week will be a 4 day auspicious moment for the start of new work.

Almanac from May 31 to June 6: -

Date and timeDateFasting festival
May 31, MondayVaishakh Vad, VI
Tuesday, June 1Vaishakh Vad, seventh
Wednesday, June 2Vaishakh Vad, VIIIKalashtami
Thursday, June 3Vaishakh Vad, Nom
June 4, FridayVaishakh Vad, Dasham
Saturday, June 5Vaishakh Vad, Agiyaras
Sunday, June 6Vaishakh Vad, AgiyarasApara Ekadashi

Astrologically this week: -

  • May 31, Monday - Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga
  • June 1, Tuesday- Ravi Yoga, Dwipushkar Yoga
  • June 2, Wednesday - Mars enters Cancer
  • June 3, Thursday - Mercury enters Taurus
  • June 6, Sunday - Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga

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