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Nitin Patel annoyed !:Deputy Chief Minister himself unaware of the decision of CM and AMC! Once again, the government lacked coordination

Nitin Patel annoyed !:Deputy Chief Minister himself unaware of the decision of CM and AMC! Once again, the government lacked coordination

Nitin Patel doesn't know anything about selling vaccine for Rs.1000 in Ahmedabad? That said, the CM will know

It has come out many times that there is a lack of coordination in the Gujarat government itself. In particular, any rift or dispute between the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister has been a frequent topic of discussion among senior BJP leaders. Nitin Patel, who is currently in charge of Corona as health minister, has revealed that he was unaware of the Rs 1,000 vaccine being given in Ahmedabad.


"We are committed to complying with local laws, the company retreats where needed," said Sundar Pichai.

"I don't know whether the CM's approval has been sought or not,"
said Nitin Patel, the state's deputy chief minister and health minister, during a visit to the Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar bridge being constructed. The Municipal Corporation has decided, I do not have the information whether the approval of the State Government or the Chief Minister has been sought. Giving such an answer, Nitin Patel left.

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The health minister is not even informed of the new decision?
Thus, such a response from Nitin Patel, the Gujarat state health minister and the number two deputy chief minister in the government, has become a topic of discussion. Nitin Patel's reply has sparked a debate that Nitinbhai Patel does not know how on-the-spot registration started in Ahmedabad. With the authorities of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation sitting directly with the Chief Minister and making decisions without caring about the Health Minister, there is a growing discussion that it is not appropriate for the Chief Minister or the Chief Minister's Office to take the Health Minister into confidence.

Drive-through vaccination for Rs.1000 starts from today Drive-through vaccination has been started in
Ahmedabad from today (May 27) by Apollo Hospital in association with AMC at GMDC ground on PPP basis, in which people above 18 years of age are being vaccinated by registering on the spot. Each person receiving the vaccine is paying a charge of one thousand rupees. People are currently suffering for the vaccine. The government cannot provide the vaccine for free and is now selling the vaccine in a private partnership for a thousand rupees. 1000 doses will be given daily, which will generate an income of Rs. 10 lakhs.

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