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Oil Fish:On the Patan-Siddhpur highway, an oil tanker overturned while trying to rescue an animal.

Oil tanker heading to Siddhpur from Gandhidham overturned while trying to rescue an animal in the middle of the road

People from the surrounding area rushed to get oil

An oil tanker overturned near Vanasan Patiya on the Patan Siddhpur Highway when it overturned. News of the tanker overturning killed people in the area, who rushed to the spot to fetch oil, and locals rushed to the spot. When the incident was reported to the police, the police also rushed to the spot.

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The tanker was on its way to
Siddhpur from Gandhidham when it overturned on the Patan-Siddhpur Highway on Friday morning. Approximately 39 thousand liters of oil was spilled in the adjacent field.

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large quantity of oil was spilled in the field as the tanker overturned in the field on the side of the road carrying the container in the hands of the people. Which caused large puddles to fill the field. People were seen scrambling to get it. The incident was reported to the police. The tanker was later straightened with the help of a crane.

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