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On monsoon in Kerala, Skymet IMD says, 'will come on June 3', says meteorological department, can't say for sure yet

Skymet and meteorological department face to face:  On monsoon in Kerala, Skymet IMD says, 'will come on June 3', says meteorological department, can't say for sure yet

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It has been raining in some parts of Kerala for the last two-three days. In view of this, the private meteorological agency Skymet announced the arrival of monsoon Kerala on Sunday afternoon. However, the monsoon has not yet entered Indian territory, the meteorological department said. The rainfall in the coastal areas is pre-monsoon. The Indian monsoon is likely to reach the coast of Kerala on June 3. Regarding other parts of the country, the meteorological department said that the monsoon could reach India two to four days ahead of schedule. Kerala usually enters formally on the first of June.

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The monsoon stayed in one place for three-four days.
This time, Skymet had forecast the monsoon to reach Kerala on May 30, while the meteorological department had forecast it on May 31. The monsoon had reached the Andaman-Nicobar Islands on May 21. It then proceeded at a normal pace in the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, although the monsoon has remained in the same area for three-four days after covering two-thirds of Sri Lanka and the Maldives.


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Forecasting the arrival of monsoons in previous years

2016June 7June 8
2017May 30May 30
2018May 29May 29
2019June 6June 8
2020June 5June 1

There are still some necessary criteria to be met: the Meteorological Department claims

The meteorological department has said that all conditions will be favorable for the monsoon on June 3, when the monsoon will enter the coastal areas of Kerala. According to a senior official, the coastal areas of Kerala, Lakshadweep, Karnataka received 2.5-100 to 100-150 times (20-30 cm) of rainfall when the Tout storm passed through the Arabian Sea after May 10. Should we announce monsoon in Kerala when the radiation was so low? No, because we can't violate the weather department's criteria. The direction of the wind changes frequently during the tout. It is true that this time Kerala and Karnataka have received a lot of pre-monsoon rainfall, but it has now declined, so we have to wait for the required monsoon criteria to be met.

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All monsoon criteria met in Kerala: Skymet claims
Skymet vice-president Mahesh Palavat said all Indian monsoon criteria have been met. The criteria are as follows: First- 60% of 14 meteorological stations in Kerala, Lakshadweep, Karnataka receive more than 2.5 mm of rainfall for two days after 10 May. Second- there is three-four km from the ground surface. Until the westerly winds begin to blow. Third- The wind speed from the ground surface is about 30-35 km. Lasts up to per hour. Fourth, the size of the clouds is so large that the radiation from the ground to the sky is less than 200 watts per square meter. When this is the case, it is believed that the monsoon has arrived in India.

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