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Pay attention to battery, cleaning and parking to maintain the car in lockdown, no problem in starting the car at any time

Safety Tips: Pay attention to battery, cleaning and parking to maintain the car in lockdown, no problem in starting the car at any time

The lockdown imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic has put a brake on people's lives as well as the speed of trains. This means that cars are parked in the parking lot where people are locked in the house. People are doing yoga and exercise to keep themselves fit. But the exercise of cars is done only by driving it. In such a situation, there are some important things to keep in mind while maintaining the car locked in the parking lot.

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Tata Motors has shared some car safety tips on social media. Car maintenance costs can be saved by following these tips. So, there will be no defects in the car. So let's know these tips ...
1. Fuel: If the car's fuel tank is not full, there is a risk of getting moisturized. This problem is especially prevalent when it is raining. Therefore, it is necessary to refill the fuel tank of the car to protect it from moisture.

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2. Battery: If you are not driving the car in lockdown, keep the car running for 20 minutes once a week to charge the battery. If for some reason the vehicle has to be parked in one place for a long time, separate the negative terminal from the battery.

3. Tires: Leaving the car in one place for a long time puts pressure on the lower part of the tires. So, keep the car upright on the flat space. Also, do it back and forth from time to time. Keep in mind that the rubber of the tire is not cut anywhere. Keep the air pressure in it exactly.

4. Wipers: Wipers: The chances of the rubber in the wipers getting damaged increase when the vehicle is parked for a long time. In this case, keep the wipers in the lift position. Park the car in the shade if possible.

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5. Cleaning: Even if you are not driving a car, take good care of its cleanliness. Thoroughly clean or sanitize the second touch point with the steering inside the car. Use shampoo in water whenever you wash the car.

6. Parking: Park the car safely in the parking lot. Always park the car in a shady area. Do not use handbrakes during parking. Keep it in gear if possible. Handbrakes are often attached to car tires.

7. Cover: The last but most important tip is to always keep the car covered. The cover not only spreads dust and dirt inside the car but also does not allow direct sunlight to enter the car. The cover will always keep the car clean and the color will shine.

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