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Proven to be a blood thinner after corona infection, life-saving, blood clot after recovery from infection

Risk Precautions Required:  Proven to be a blood thinner after corona infection, life-saving, blood clot after recovery from infection

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Anti-platelet agents prevent blood clots from forming in the blood vessels
D-dimer test is done to measure the amount of micro clot protein in the blood

Many new symptoms of the transition have also been seen as the second wave of Corona epidemic has spread very fast in the country. Blood clot is also a fatal symptom after coronary infection which can be a concern for people recovering from corona. In these circumstances, the country's leading doctors prescribe blood thinners to patients with Covid-19. It is important to understand how it saves the lives of infected patients. Medical experts are constantly pointing out that coronary heart disease is a risk factor for blood clots in various parts of the patient's circulatory system. Today we will discuss the risk of blood clots and care to keep the blood thinner for coronary infected patients.

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What is a blood clot?
Our body has a natural system in which blood can clot when needed. Normally when there is an injury to the body the blood starts to clot slowly. This system is a very important part of our body's defense system.

But thickening or clotting of blood flowing inside the body can be fatal. Because it can lead to many serious conditions like heart attack, paralysis attack / stroke, kidney failure.

What is blood thinning?
According to some leading doctors, anti-platelet agents in the body play an important role in preventing blood from clotting in the blood vessels. It is very important for patients with heart disease and diabetes to maintain a thin blood flow, as blood clotting problems can exacerbate heart disease or diabetes.
In patients with coronary heart disease, there is a high risk of thromboembolism phenomena, especially in the recovery phase, especially during this time.

risk of heart attack and brain stroke can be avoided if the D-Dimer Test provides timely information on blood clots. This clay is D-Dimer Tested. This test examines the micro clots in the body. So that the possibility of heart attack and brain stroke can be identified in time and blood thinning drugs can protect against this type of condition.

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D-dimer is a type of protein made up of micro clots in the blood, also called fibrin de-generation product. It is part of the normal blood clotting process inside the body. However, many pathological conditions are exacerbated by infection or inflammation in the body. The D-dimer test is used to measure the amount of micro clot protein in the blood.

What to take care of after corona- Experts opinion
Low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) is commonly used to keep the blood thin. According to experts, the patient needs to be careful for 28 days after being discharged from the hospital. Older people in particular need to be careful not to have this type of problem even after recovering from the corona.

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In case of high D-dimer test scores, blood thinners need to be prescribed by doctors. According to Dr. Fuster, an American expert, the number of deaths among patients who have been given blood thinners has halved. Survival conditions of critically ill patients have increased due to blood thinning medication.

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