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:Radiation therapy instead of steroids for lung damage from corona: AIIMS trial successful, Gujarat seeks approval

Bhaskar Breaking :Radiation therapy instead of steroids for lung damage from corona: AIIMS trial successful, Gujarat seeks approval

Weeks later the involvement of the lungs of the first patient was 80 per cent, to 50 per cent, while that of the second patient was 50 per cent, which dropped to 10 per cent.

In low dose radiation treatment, a single dose of 40 seconds only improved the lungs by 80% in 7 days.
LDRT i.e. low-dose radiation therapy is being introduced to reduce the need for oxygen.

There have been many trials so far to fight corona, many drugs have come and therapies have been missed. In the midst of all these changes, the body's immune system is hyperactive due to the corona virus, causing increased oxygen damage to the lungs, as well as deaths from cytokine storms. Also, excessive steroids have increased the risk of mucorrhoea and patients are being trapped in one disease after another.

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Reducing steroid use can reduce fungus, but there is currently no such method. However, the state is starting LDRT (Low-Dose Radiation Therapy) not only to reduce steroid use but also to reduce the need for oxygen in a single week. A national conference was held on Saturday in which expert oncologists were involved and the results of this therapy were discussed. Leading oncologist from Rajkot, Dr. Ketan Kalaria was invited.

Dr. According to Kalaria, AIIMS has completed its trials in Delhi and Patna. This therapy uses radiation the same way it does in cancer, but in very small amounts and only once. This radiation inactivates the inflammatory cells of the lungs so that the water in the lungs stops filling and the lungs begin to clear as they improve.


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AIIMS trials improve lung over weekend
AIIMS trials of the therapy have taken place in Delhi and Patna. One patient whose lungs were 80 per cent involved in the X-ray was given the dose while another patient whose lungs were 50 per cent was given the dose. Weeks later the involvement of the lungs of the first patient was 80 per cent to 50 per cent while that of the second patient was 50 per cent which was reduced to 10 per cent.


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This therapy can be given if the oxygen drops below 90
. According to Ketan Kalaria, in cases where the oxygen level is reduced to 90, the lungs begin to fill with water. This therapy can be given by CT scan of such patients whose CT scan value is 10 to 20 i.e. 30 to 80 percent of the lungs have deteriorated. Cannot be given to critically ill patients admitted to the ICU as well as those who require more than 7 liters of oxygen.

Oncologist Dr. attempted to start the trial in Rajkot . "This therapy is a new ray of hope in the treatment of Corana," said Ketan Kalaria. Giving only once and even 5 minutes of treatment improves the patient's health in a week. In addition, if the steroid is reduced, you will also get rid of the mucor. We are trying to start a trial of this therapy in Rajkot.

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The same treatment was used in pneumonia 80 years ago
. According to Kalaria, 80 to 90 years ago, this treatment was given to patients with bacterial pneumonia using an X-ray machine to save their lungs. Treatment was discontinued due to the discovery of anti-bacterial. Now in pneumonia caused by the virus or when no medicine is working, this treatment can be successful again to save the lungs.

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Steroids lower whole body immunity It is
imperative to lower the immune system to reduce cytokine storms. Steroid injections weaken the body's immune system, increasing the risk of another infection. When radiation therapy deactivates only the inflammatory cells in the lungs and there is a decrease in immunity. It does not affect the other organs, so there is no chance of developing myocardial infarction.

What is Low Dose Radiation Therapy
Cancer patients are given Hydose Radiation Therapy and given 30 cycles. Radiation in the range of 60 to 70 grays is given at a time while in low doses only 0.3 to 1.5 grams of radiation is given and given only once. Inflammatory cells, which are responsible for replenishing the radiation in the lungs or hyper-immunity, are inflamed by the release of certain chemicals. One of them is also the chemical IL-6. The presence of this chemical is recorded in the report. Radiation deactivates this type of inflammatory cell so that it does not emit chemicals like IL-6 and does not cause water filling or inflammation in the lungs.

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