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SBI's special scheme / opportunity to earn more than Rs.

 SBI's special scheme / opportunity to earn more than Rs.

A new scheme of SBI Mutual Fund has been opened. It is called SBI Nifty Next 50 Index Fund. The deadline to invest is May 11. The fund will invest in Nifty 50 stocks. This clearly means that the money will rise along with the stock market boom. Can be started with an investment of Rs.5000.

First of all, what is an index fund?


Experts say the Nifty NSE's benchmark index includes 50 companies. At the same time, the stock market is declining sharply. If it picks up, investors will have a chance to make money. There is the first in Emna in the decline. However, new investment cars should invest in it. So as to maximize the benefits of the boom.

Why is it beneficial to invest in SBI funds?

Experts say that Ravi Prakash Sharma is the manager of this fund of SBI. They are already SBI-ETF Gold, SBI Nifty Index Fund, SBI-ETF SENSEX, SBI Gold Fund, SBI-ETF Nifty Bank, SBI-ETF BSE 100, SBI ETF Nifty Next 50, SBI– ETF Nifty 50, SBI ETF SENSEX NEXT 50 , SBI ETF Quality, SBI Equity Minimum Variance Fund Scheme. Its returns are very good. This is a good option if you want to invest in the long term.

Can money be invested in this fund through SIP?

Experts say that this is how money can be invested through SIP. I have to start SIP at least one year. Let me tell you that one of the safest and most popular ways to invest in a mutual fund is a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો

Who should invest in an index fund and why?

Experts say that by investing in stocks, index funds are best for investors who want a higher return than usual for the long term but do not want to take more risk. But this does not mean that they are risk free. If the stock market goes down, your index fund NAV will also go down. In such a situation you can redeem the investment of your index fund and transfer the money to a yute fund, gold or term deposit before the market starts declining.

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Choose index funds that have a cost-to-earnings ratio of less than 1 percent. Funds are a good option when you want low cost investment options. The return of funds will also increase with the recovery in the economy in the coming days.

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