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Someone kept their morale strong, someone trusted the doctor, someone trusted themselves, finally in four months 3-3 people started a new life

Defeat of mucormycosis, victory of life: Someone kept their morale strong, someone trusted the doctor, someone trusted themselves, finally in four months 3-3 people started a new life

Three patients from Dhoraji, Jetpu and MoB started living their lives again today after a long, complicated and costly treatment of five months.

In another deadly wave of corona, patients are suffering from a disease called mucormycosis after corona. More than 1000 patients including civil and private hospitals are undergoing treatment in Rajkot. The epidemic is also costly and endangers the lives of patients. Then in Rajkot, three people have beaten mucormycosis and started a new life. Someone kept the morale strong, someone trusted the doctor, someone trusted themselves and in the end, beat mucormycosis.


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Putting aside the worries of treatment, he recovered.
Rameshbhai Mandlia, who lives in Dhoraji's Dhoraji and runs a photography business, has returned home after five months of treatment and has started his own business. Rameshbhai started having toothache a few days after he was released from the corona, so he was treated at a nearby hospital, but came to Rajkot without any difference and reported mucormycosis. Rameshbhai said that 6 injections were given daily. The palate and right side teeth have been removed. It is difficult to speak, but the next life will be better. I put the anxiety of treatment aside. The mindset was built that what will happen will be seen. As a result, my treatment is effective.

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Heta Bhudarbhai in Morbi has won the battle of mucorrhoea after undergoing surgery four times. Bhudbhai's doctor said the case was a bit more complicated than other cases. During the diagnosis, the fungus had to reach the inside of the nose and palate on both sides and if the fungus grows, the patient's condition becomes more serious. We also kept the same and performed one operation after another, there was another problem. Finally, when all went well, he underwent surgery for a nosebleed. He underwent four surgeries in a month and a half and is currently living with his family.

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Kanubhai is also farming with his son today.

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My father recovered from the treatment and patience of the doctors.
Kanubhai Radadia, 62 , of Jetpur diocese, showed symptoms of mucomycosis shortly after he tested positive for corona during the first wave. Were shifted to the hospital, where ENT specialist Dr. Danish Aishwarya was diagnosed with suspected mucosal mycosis. Dr. Danish says that when his grandfather came, his body was not in a condition to run due to lack of immunity. In two operations, the first operation was performed on the nose and the second on the palate. Kanubhai's son Mansukhbhai said that my father is now farming with me. We did our best to get a good but expensive service and also made the necessary financial arrangements.

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