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Takshashila fire completes 2 years

Takshashila fire completes 2 years:The eyes of the parents who lost their daughter in Surat got wet, they said- even after two years, the chichiyari of the children still does not let them sleep with chains.

17-year-old Janvi said to her father on the last phone, "Daddy come soon ... Daddy come soon ... save me

Today marks two years since the fire at the Takshashila Arcade at Sarthana in Surat. Whose screams are still being heard by the parents of the children. A tragedy that never happened in Surat happened two years ago today. The wave of mourning turned again. As many as 22 innocent flowers were burnt to ashes by innocent children. All around, helplessness to save their lives stood in front of the children's parents but helplessness was such that they could not save their own children.


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The daughter was burning upstairs and the helpless father could not do anything even though he was
downstairs. The chirps of 17-year-old Janvi are still heard by her father today. At the last moment, he called and said, "Daddy, come soon, Daddy, come soon, save me" ... Her father talked with Janvi for 5 to 6 minutes. In which he himself is trapped in the fire in the class and with me 17 to 18 other children are also trapped in the class. The fire is raging and our exits are closed.

Picture of the deceased Janavi and his parents and brother.


Three youths were killed on the spot when a triple riding bike was hit by a truck in Dhoraji. A serious, deceased trio were returning from Vanthali from their wedding.

The father cried a lot from below. As
soon as the daughter's phone rang, father Mahesh Vekaria reached the spot in just two minutes but he was helpless and just stared. There was no way to get to the top. The smoke from the fire was coming out of the class. The father cried a lot from below but he could not go upstairs and save his daughter.

Janvi with her family.

Even today, the mother is sad
when she sees her daughter's favorite thing and cries with deep tears. The teddy bear in Janvi's hand was his favorite. She kept him with her whenever she was at home all day. Today, the teddy bear in front of her eyes is the only thing she remembers in her mother's lap. They get upset whenever they want Janvi's case. A mother who wants to fulfill all the hobbies and desires of her daughter is thirsting for justice for her daughter today.

Janvi has just left a teddy bear similar to his memory.

Parents have the same teddy bear or missing daughter
janavini ranjanabene mother said that my daughter was having seen his dream of becoming architects. When he entered standard 11, he said, "Mommy, I want to be an architect." After becoming an architect, I will renovate our house myself. As a mother, I used to see the code that educates my daughter and marries her and leads her happy world. But the will of nature would be something different and lost my daughter. I don’t have my daughter anymore but the only teddy bear I remember is her.


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22 innocents lost their lives.

My daughter's
cries are still ringing in my ears even today. Father Mahesh Vekaria said, "We were going to the village and my daughter had to be called home at three o'clock." But the village was canceled and the daughter was not called. This incident happened at the same time. When the fire broke out, my daughter called me and told me the whole story. Even today my daughter's cries are still ringing in my ears. 


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Today, when my phone rings, it seems that my daughter's phone is ringing and calling me. The moment I will never forget in my life, the children standing around with my daughter were chanting. In front of him, Yamaraj was in a position to torture himself. The children were helpless and we were helpless.

The family pays tribute every year.

"We have pushed for the Supreme Court but we have not received justice yet
," he said. I have pushed myself to the Supreme Court but we have not yet received justice. It is a shame that the government is doing big things to save the daughter who could not even get justice. We have experienced how thick-skinned the gang of corrupt leaders and officials are during these two years.


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 The leaders in power in Surat are emotionless. We have lost our children due to corruption in the corporation as well as in other government departments. No action has been taken against the murderous leader and officials which we are very sorry about. We will fight for justice for life. Maybe nothing if we don't get justice in the court but we hope that God who has seen all these things will do justice.

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