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The artist, who has been the 'Voice of Rafi' for 60 years, lost his memory due to Korona, the family sang Rafi's songs and brought back the memory.

The wonders of music therapy: The artist, who has been the 'Voice of Rafi' for 60 years, lost his memory due to Korona, the family sang Rafi's songs and brought back the memory.

Now all his memory is back.

He has entertained people by becoming the 'Voice of Rafi' in many stage shows for 60 years

Music is a gift from God, a constant source of power. Music is an important part of human life. Music affects the mind and brain of any person. So today we are talking about a person from Rajkot who lost his memory due to coronary heart disease, but through music therapy he regained his memory by listening to Rafi's songs. Here we are talking about Tulsidas Soni, 80, popularly known as Mohammad Rafi of Ajmer, who has entertained people on stage in many places, including Ajmer, for over 60 years as 'Voice of Rafi'.


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Daughter So to bring back his memory.
Tulsidas, who is currently living in Rajkot and listens to Rafi's song from the media , was severely affected by the corona on April 15, with 50 per cent damage to his lungs. In the meantime one day they fainted. His memory was fading when he came to his senses. Can't even recognize family members. 

His daughter Bhanuben Jogia used his passion for the song to bring back his memory in these circumstances. Listening to Rafi's song on social media, he asked if he remembered the song and he recognized the song. Not only that, the song also sings. Only then did his family realize that he could be healed through music.


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He has become the 'Voice of Rafi' on stage in many places to entertain the people.

Now that all his memories are back,
we have seen and heard the miracles of music therapy, with the approach that this therapy will also work for the father, in which the daughter Bhavnabe listens to Rafi's song every day and sings the song to him. Gradually his father Tulsidas got to know the family. Bhavnaben says that now all his memories are back.

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Music through them may be treating a quick fix
is Tulsidas memory believe his family would come back to the music, which was passed to his son's ability to speak due to a forced way the brain fever when I say Bhavnaben's another example of my son Pole was three years old . Then his grandfather Tulsidas gave him music therapy. After three years of hard work, Dhruv has learned to speak and sing, says Bhavnaben. Most family members have an affinity for music. Bhavnaben holds a Ph.D. in Sufi music. has been doing. His elder sister Krishna Raninga runs the Surabhi Kalavrand Music Institute at Porbandar. Thus patients can quickly improve their treatment through the song-music of choice

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