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The bottle opened by two bees


There are often videos on social media that are hard to believe. Nowadays people spend most of their day on social media. In Teva he shares many kinds of funny videos and Joe Pum. Now let's talk about the video that went viral recently. It often breaks a sweat to open the lid of a cold drink bottle, but here even the bees have opened the lid of the bottle.

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Amazing feat in 11 seconds

It is very surprising to see two small bees opening the lid of a soda bottle. Surely you haven't seen any such video before, in this 11 second viral video two bees are seen sitting on the lid of a soda bottle. The two opened the bottle lid in a matter of seconds. The video has been viewed by over 2 lakh people so far.

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Teamwork made work easier

The viral video has been shared on a Twitter account called Buitengebieden. This video is a great example of teamwork. This type of funny video is very much shared on this Twitter account. People love this type of video.

Twitter પર વીડિયો જોવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો

Users started making loud comments

The viral video has been retweeted by 4,256 users and liked by more than 17,000 people. People are commenting on it one by one.

Soukoi is liking this video very much. The teamwork of all the bees is highly praised.

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