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The third wave is expected to be more dangerous in Delhi, with 45,000 cases reported every day and 9,000 people in need of hospitalization.

IIT Delhi warns on Corona:   The third wave is expected to be more dangerous in Delhi, with 45,000 cases reported every day and 9,000 people in need of hospitalization.

Meanwhile, Corona's condition is improving in Delhi, with a report from IIT Delhi raising concerns among the Kejriwal government. The report said that in the third wave of Corona, 45,000 cases would be registered daily in the capital and 9,000 of them would need to be hospitalized every day.


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The report is based on three conditions.
A report titled IITD Review and Recommendation for Management of Oxygen During Covid Crisis for GNCTD mentions three conditions. In the first case, conditions such as the second wave of corona and the full details of the patients undergoing treatment in the hospital and the amount of oxygen are being estimated. The second condition is based on a 30 percent increase in the number of newly infected patients. The third condition is based on the number of newly infected patients exceeding 60 percent. It is estimated that more than 45,000 cases come up every day during such difficult times.

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944 metric tons of oxygen will be required daily
According to media reports, 944 metric tons of oxygen will be required daily to come out of this crisis. In this case, a bench of Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Jamsit Singh of the Delhi High Court has sought information from the Delhi government on the steps to be taken within four weeks based on the recommendations of IIT Delhi. The government will have to submit this entire information to the court along with the timeline.

We are facing a single epidemic in a century: The court
said on the epidemic of Corona that we are facing a single epidemic in a century. If we turn the pages of history, there was an epidemic in the year 1920. By building a plant that produces oxygen we can be prepared to give a long fight. You should keep this at the top. This can pave the way for storage, movement, evaporation and so on. Pre-preparation required for the third wave
During the hearing, the Delhi High Court told IIT-Delhi professor Sanjay Dheer about the medium of its findings. Based on the Kejriwal government's figures, Delhi has identified some of the challenges for the state in improving its oxygen infrastructure. He said measures should be taken on an immediate basis to augment storage capacity, improve supply from outside Delhi, pressure swing adsorption plant and address the shortage of cryogenic oxygen tankers in anticipation of a more severe third wave.

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Discussion on Oxygen Infrastructure Improvements The
report mentioned improvements in Oxygen Infrastructure in the capital. The Delhi government had talked of buying 20-25 cryogenic oxygen tankers with a capacity of 20-100 tonnes. This will help in the supply of oxygen during an epidemic. According to reports, the Delhi government needs to be aware of the size of the oxygen tanker or the transport needs to be operated by various methods.


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In the
current situation in Delhi, 1,141 people tested positive for corona in Delhi on Friday. Of these, 2,799 recovered and 139 died. So far, 14.23 lakh people have been affected by the transition. Of these, 13.85 have succumbed to coronavirus, while 23,951 have died. Currently 14,581 patients are under treatment here.

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