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There is good news for students receiving mass promotions There is no big mark in the standard 10 marksheet

There is good news for standard 10 students There is good news for students receiving mass promotions There is no big mark in the standard 10 marksheet In the second wave of corona, schools including CBSC were closed due to increasing transition.

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and the state government canceled all board exams following an order to postpone them as the state government decided to give massive promotions to standard 10 regular students. For the first time in history, the board has decided to cancel the exam and give a mass promotion.

Not widely written in the promotion marksheet
There is better news for regular students studying in a standard 10 school when they are given a promotion. In which the marksheet of the students taking group promotion will not be written in the group promotion, the marksheet of the students will be prepared on the basis of the examination taken by the school. So that students do not have difficulty in getting admission in standard 11.

Bhaskar Patel of the State School Board said in a statement that the government's decision to promote the group would benefit 8.77 lakh regular students of standard 10. Going to get admission in standard 11. No problem and you will get direct admission in standard 11.


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Examination will be taken in standard 12
The standard 12 examination has been postponed for the time being, the examination will be held as soon as Corona's condition comes under control. The Chief Minister of the state has said that the standard  12 examination will be held. Giving a statement, the Chief Minister said that Std.

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12 will not be given collective leave. Previously, board exams were held regularly in March every year, but this year the exams were postponed due to corona, but now mass promotion has been given in standard 10, while standard 12 exams will be taken after corona's condition is brought under control.

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