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Beware of alerts / LIC policyholders, being deceived in this way

LIC tweeted

LIC tweeted that all customers should be wary of phone calls that mislead customers into fraudulent policy. Some swindlers call customers to become LIC officer, agent or insurance regulatory officer. In this call they state in relation to the insurance policy. 

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

In this way they persuade the customer to surrender the current policy. It may be mentioned that in a few days, millions of rupees have been swindled in the name of giving the policy amount immediately.

Today we will talk about LIC's Plan Bima Shri. It is a non-linked plan, meaning it has nothing to do with the stock market. 

The most special thing about this plan is that it guarantees the sum insured, the bonus on it. In the first five years, you will get a bonus of Rs 50 for every thousand rupees. A bonus of 5% of your Basic Sum Assured will be added. After this, the bonus will be given at the rate of Rs.

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It is a money back policy in which money is received between the policy periods. This is a profit plan in which LIC makes a profit, then pays a small portion of it to the insurer in the form of a loyalty addition. Is a limited premium payment plan, under which the premium has to be paid for less than one year of the policy. 

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

This policy is available in four options, in which you can take a plan from 14 years to 20 years. This policy can be taken for a minimum of 8 years and a maximum of 55 years. The rule is to take a policy of at least Rs 10 lakh. You can buy this policy for the maximum amount you want.


Pay 4 years less premium

In this policy, 4 years less premium has to be paid. If you take a policy for 14 years, you have to pay 10 years premium, if you take policy for 20 years, you have to pay 16 years premium. 

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Death benefits are also available under the policy, with two options. If the insured dies within 5 years of taking the policy, then 125 per cent and bonus is also insured. If he dies after 5 years, the nominee also gets 125 per cent of the sum insured, loyalty edition and guaranteed edition.

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Understand with this example

Let us explain this with a simple example. Rajesh, 30, has bought a policy worth Rs 10 lakh. Rajesh has purchased this policy for 20 years, so as a rule Rajesh has to pay premium for only 16 years. If Rajesh has to pay a premium every month, he will have to pay Rs 6,109. 

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In terms of daily savings, it will be around Rs. If Rajesh wants to pay an annual premium, he will have to pay Rs 71,847. Thus, Rajesh will have to pay Rs 11,51,133 throughout the policy.

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Return of 22 lakh 45 thousand

Rajesh will not have to pay any premium in 16 years, but he will start getting paid. He will get Assured i.e. 45 per cent of 10 lakhs i.e. 4.40 lakhs. When the policy completes 18 years, Rajesh will get another Rs 4.5 lakh as a moneyback. After 20 years of the policy, it will mature and Rajesh will get the amount together. 

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First, the remaining 10 per cent of the sum insured i.e. Rs. 1 lakh, then Rs. 8.55 lakhs of Guaranteed Edition, then you will get Rs. 3.90 lakhs as Loyalty Edition. In this way Rajesh will get a total of 13 lakh 45 thousand rupees. If we add the total return, it will be 22 lakh 45 thousand rupees. 

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