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Three youths were killed on the spot when a triple riding bike was hit by a truck in Dhoraji. A serious, deceased trio were returning from Vanthali from their wedding.

Tragic accident: 

The deadbody of the deceased was moved to the PM sense

Police launched an operation to nab the truck driver based on CCTV camera footage
The Navalohiya youths who got married in Vanthali were overwhelmed with time, the family was sad

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Dhoraji was involved in a triple ride on a bike when he was hit by a truck while returning from a wedding. Three youths were seriously injured in an accident in which two bikes were blown up by an unidentified truck on Junagadh Road and died on the spot. Another youth was shifted to Junagadh Hospital in critical condition.

 The accident was followed by heavy rains in the area. As soon as the incident was reported, the police convoy immediately rushed to the spot and conducted an investigation. Humanitarian officials moved the three bodies to the hospital in an ambulance.

He died on the spot due to serious injuries

According to the details received, the dead body of the deceased was shifted to PM's house. The three youths were killed on the spot when an unidentified truck driver hit two bikes near Lovely Way Bridge on Junagadh Road in Dhoraji at 11-30 pm after the wedding. 

In addition, another bike rider, Mohammadshah Abdul Razaksha, was taking his bike to work on his way to the factory. He was also seriously injured when he was hit by a truck driver. So he was shifted to Junagadh for further treatment. The dead bodies of the deceased have been shifted to a government hospital in the sense of PM.

. Humanitarian officials moved the three bodies to the hospital in an ambulance

A wave of mourning spread in Vanthali village. The
deceased Mustakamiya Ibrahim Mia Saeed (age 29) was working as a laborer in Vanthali. She has three children in the offspring. While Hejalbhai Basirbhai Rangonia (age 22) was unmarried and working as a laborer. He was the youngest of 4 brothers. Sohail Mohammad Hanif Mayari Saeed (age 16) was also studying. Her father works driving. Sohil was a son of one of his parents and a brother of one of the three sisters. A wave of mourning has spread in Vanthali village over the death of three youths of Vanthali village.

The deadbody of the deceased was moved to the PM sense

Based on CCTV, the police conducted an investigation. On the
night of the incident, the leaders of Vanthali village rushed to Dhoraji's government hospital and the leaders of Dhoraji's Muslim community also rushed to the hospital. While the injured patient is discharged after Junagadh treatment and a police complaint has been registered against the unidentified truck driver.

 The police have registered an offense under section 279/304/337/338/134/177/114 of the IPC. In this incident PSI H.H. Jadeja conducted the investigation and based on CCTV camera footage on the road, teams including PSI Nayanaben Kahabhai Bhimbhai Gambhir have set the wheels in motion to catch the unidentified truck.

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