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Tout effect:Extreme damage caused by sudden rains in Mau-Ratnapar and Devpar areas

The mini hurricane struck an estimated 100 paddy fields
Farmers were still collecting fallen mangoes due to yesterday's hurricane and the rains came.


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Just yesterday, Hurricane Tout wreaked havoc and farmers were saddened by the loss. The mango crop was severely damaged in an estimated 100 wadis in Mou-Ratnapar and Devpar wadi areas of Garhshisha area in Teva on Wednesday when a mini hurricane struck with sudden rains around 4 pm. In this regard, Mahendrabhai Ramani and Arjanbhai Nakarani, young farmers of Ratnapar, said that with such a sudden whirlwind, half an inch of rain fell and big trees collapsed.

They were still collecting mangoes that had fallen due to yesterday's hurricane and it was raining. Bhagwat Singh Jadeja, Vitthalbhai Bhanushali and Shantibhai said that farmers and farm laborers were very much frightened by this new calamity and the farmers have been devastated by this loss.

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 Dhanjibhai Chaudhary, Devashibhai Vasani and Dialalbhai Chopra, farmers of Ratnapar, said that in the midst of this natural calamity, farmers have suffered huge economic losses and have become destitute.

Leading farmers of the area Batuksinh Jadeja, Rajeshbhai Thakkar, Naranbhai Chauhan said that this mini hurricane similar to 'Padya Par Patu' has wreaked havoc on farmers and mango traders. As the farm area of ​​an estimated 20 villages was severely affected by the hurricane, it has become imperative for the farmers to get immediate assistance from the government and compensation from the government.

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Hurricane Taute kills 30 per cent of banana and 40 per cent of mango crop in
Mundra Panth The strong winds that have been blowing since the evening of the 17th have caused 30 per cent of the banana and 40 per cent of the mango crop to fall, hitting farmers twice as much as an economic blow.

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According to Harjibhai Mandani, a farmer who cultivates bananas in his farm at Mota Kapaya in the rural area of ​​the taluka, it is the turn of farmers to suffer significant losses as an estimated 30 per cent of the banana crop is harvested in the large Kapaya area near the sea as compared to other rural areas.

In the current mango season, farmers in the taluka have been hit hard by the strong winds, with reports of an estimated 40 per cent of mangoes falling from the trees before Bhujpar, Gelda Mangra, etc. Chomer is discussing how difficult it is for people to enjoy mangoes.

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