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tter among crocodile sightings in the small Angiya Wadi area

Rescue: Flutter among crocodile sightings in the small Angiya Wadi area

Vankhata rescued the crocodile from the tank and left it in a safe place

The crocodile was spotted late Monday evening in the Nana Angiya Wadi area. However, the forest department caught the crocodile and released it in a safe place. The crocodile was seen in the water tank of the farm in a small vest. The forest department was then informed.

The crocodile was safely pulled out of the mud by the forest department and released to a safe place. It is to be mentioned that due to the scorching heat and intense heat of summer, the water in small lakes and ponds dries up and crocodiles go out in search of food. But so far no crocodile has harmed humans. RFO of Nakhtrana West Range. U.S. R. Under the guidance of Mori, the team of forester Dakshaben Varsani worked. Himmatsinh Chudasama of Forest Department, Chandubhai Maria joined. The villagers applauded the work of the forest department.

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