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Twice as many trees as the population of Jiapar village provide adequate oxygen to the villagers

- At a time when people are rushing for oxygen to save lives

- Jiapar village inspires other villages to plant trees as well as provide shade in summer

Anandpar (Yaksha): The second wave of corona across the country has caused oxygen shortage. It is the turn of the patients to lose their lives due to lack of oxygen. More and more trees are being requested to be planted to save oxygen. 

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At such a time, Jiapar village in Nakhtrana taluka has twice as many trees as the village population. Jiyapar village is different from other villages in terms of trees including neem.

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The village of Navu Narayan Nagar (Jiyapar), which was rebuilt after the devastating earthquake, was dedicated by the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi. This is a village with a population of fourteen to fifteen hundred. The number of trees here is double the population. And there are also four more neem trees than other trees. In summer, people get shade. Neem is bitter but very useful for people.

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 In the midst of the Corona epidemic, people are running for oxygen to save their lives. Instead of cutting down.

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 At present the government is also emphasizing on tree planting. The population of Jiapar village is about fourteen to fifteen hundred. 

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While the number of trees in front of it is about three thousand to thirty two. We can get oxygen for free 24 hours a day. And the current situation that has arisen can be reduced.

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