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Under the new parking policy in Ahmedabad, parking space has to be indicated before purchasing a new vehicle

AMC's new policy: Under the new parking policy in Ahmedabad, parking space has to be indicated before purchasing a new vehicle

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The city transport corporation has already identified 3,955 parking spaces for autorickshaws.
Guidelines have also been laid down for public transport in the city

New parking policies have been prepared by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. According to the policy, people will have to make sure of parking space before buying a car. The corporation has also decided to close parking in public places for a longer period of time. The policy was published in the last week of April, with a detailed report released on Wednesday. It is planned to issue monthly or annual permits for general parking under this policy. In this scheme of AMC, it will also be decided to give permission for parking on the road outside the society.


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Demand for parking space remains high during office hours (file photo)

New rules announced in
2017 The central and state governments announced the implementation of the new rules in 2017, which has made it mandatory for new vehicle owners to certify that they have available parking space. AMC will henceforth set rules, regulations and guidelines for soliciting parking spaces. The new policy states that parking space in Ahmedabad is very limited and the available space will have to be used properly due to uneven distribution of parking facilities. CG Road, Ashram Road, Paldi and other areas where the demand for parking space during office hours is high. While in these areas the demand for parking space is less on weekends.


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3,955 parking spaces have been identified for autorickshaws (file photo)

According to the new policy on parking spaces for rickshaws , the demand for parking in offices, large offices, schools, banks, commercial parks, malls and parks remains constant, which has also been mentioned in the new policy for prevention. In addition, it is necessary to allocate parking space in new houses and places close to each other. The issue will also be certified by AMC officials. The city has also set guidelines for public transport, including free on-street spots for taxi drivers, autorickshaw drivers and truck drivers, with no access to other vehicles. So the transport corporation in the city has already allotted 3,955 parking spaces for autorickshaws.

Key points of the new parking policy

  • Private large buildings will be able to allocate their space for parking.
  • From now on, parking charges will have to be paid at night on the road.
  • Parking zones will be determined on the roads of residential areas.
  • Parking in commercial establishments will be 40 per cent for employees and 60 per cent for the general public.
  • Taxis and motorists are not allowed to park on the road.
  • The metro railway station will have a parking fee facility on the public transport space.
  • Traders in need of transportation of heavy vehicles will be encouraged to provide parking away from the city.

Number of vehicles in Ahmedabad

YearTwo-wheelerThe carThree-wheeler
200107 lakh1.2 lakh0.4 lakh
201115.1 lakh2.6 lakh1.1 lakh
201817.2 lakhs6.4 lakh1.6 lakh

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