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"We are committed to complying with local laws, the company retreats where needed," said Sundar Pichai.

Google with India's new IT rules: "We are committed to complying with local laws, the company retreats where needed," said Sundar Pichai.

The government has asked for reports from all social media platforms to implement the new IT rule
Google has welcomed the new rules and endorsed the government

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai have welcomed the new IT rules of the Government of India. He said the company is committed to complying with local law and staying constructively connected with the government. The government develops regulators to keep pace with the rapidly evolving IT sector.

“These are clearly early days and our local team is busy,” Sundar Pichai said at a virtual conference with selected journalists from the Asia Pacific region. We always respect local laws in every country and work constructively. We have a clear transparent report. When we comply with government requests, we mention it in our own transparency report.

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The company has to retreat where needed.
An independent and open internet is a basic requirement and has been a tradition in India for a long time. As a company, we are clearly aware of the values ​​and benefits of an independent and open Internet. We advocate it. We are constructively connected with regulators around the world. We participate in such processes. The company will do so where it needs to retreat.

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Respect for the right to privacy is essential
He defended the government's new digital rules, saying it respects the right to privacy. Giving platforms like WhatsApp information about the original source of messages under the new IT rules is not a violation of privacy. The government has asked social media companies for reports on compliance with the new rules.

New rules to curb social media platforms WhatsApp has challenged the government's new IT in the Delhi High Court. The government's response came 1 day later. WhatsApp says revealing the source of the message does not violate privacy. The new rules were announced on February 25. Under the new rule, social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp, will need to do more.

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Government guidelines for social media

All social media should appoint their 3 officers, Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Contact Person and Resident Graduate Officer in India. He should stay only in India. Their contact numbers should be published on the app and website.
These platforms should also explain what the method of filing a complaint is. The officer should look into the complaint within 24 hours and tell the complainant within 15 days what action has been taken on his complaint and why it has not been taken.
Create a system through automated tools and techniques to identify the content of rape, child sexual abuse. Also, identify the information that has been previously removed from the platform. There should also be enough staff to review and monitor the operation of these equipments.
The platform publishes a monthly report. It should contain complaints received in a month, information on the action taken on them. Links and content that have been removed have been reported.
If the platform removes any objectionable information, it must first notify the person who posted, uploaded or shared this content. The reason for this must also be given to the user, the opportunity to appeal against the action of the platform. The method of resolving these disputes should be constantly monitored by the Gravens Officer.

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