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30 killed, more than 50 injured as 2 passenger trains collide in Daharki area of ​​Sindh; There are still a lot of people trapped in coaches

Train accident in Pakistan:  30 killed, more than 50 injured as 2 passenger trains collide in Daharki area of ​​Sindh; There are still a lot of people trapped in coaches

A major train accident occurred in Pakistan on Monday morning. Two passenger trains collided in Daharki area of ​​Sindh. An estimated 30 people were killed and more than 50 were injured. According to sources, both the Millat Express and Sir Syed Express collided with each other. Many are still trapped in the coaches and the death toll is expected to rise.

The accident took
place near Ghotki at 3.45 am near Reti and Daharki railway station near Ghotki. According to sources, Millat Express was going from Karachi to Sargogha and Sir Syed Express was going from Rawalpindi to Karachi.

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The incident occurred between 3.30am and 4pm. According to Pakistani media, the coach of Millat Express fell on the second track uncontrollably. Due to this, the Sir Syed Express coming from the opposite direction hit him. This has also caused a lot of damage to the train coaches.

Rescue team did not reach the scene for four hours
after the accident. Officers did not reach the scene for four hours. The late-arrival rescue team has started work to evacuate the trapped passengers. 

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Passengers are still being rescued by cutting a badly damaged coach with a gas-cutter. He is being taken to the hospital by a tractor-trolley from nearby villages. Most of the vehicles on this route have been affected by the accident.

At a nearby hospital,
Usman Abdullah, deputy commissioner of the Emergency Public Ghotki, said 13 to 14 coaches of both trains had derailed. 6 to 8 of them are completely damaged. That's why people are having trouble rescuing. Arrangements have been made to take the injured to the hospital after the accident. Emergency has been declared at Ghotki, Daharki, Oberoi and Mirpur Mathelo hospitals and paramedical staff, including doctors, have been called on duty.


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Rescuing with the help of heavy machinery,
he said it was a challenge for rescue team members and officials to rescue those still trapped in the coach. People are still trapped, it will take time to use heavy machinery to get them out.

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Accident also happened in
March. Earlier in the month of March, there was also an accident with the Karachi Express train. The train left Lahore and 8 of its coaches derailed near Sukkur. One person was killed and 40 passengers were injured in the crash.

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