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64,000 parents sue Tiktok for Rs 12,000 crore, alleging Chinese app endangers children, steals their private data

Bhaskar Special:  64,000 parents sue Tiktok for Rs 12,000 crore, alleging Chinese app endangers children, steals their private data

Parents in Europe say the app steals children's data in violation of the law
The petition was filed in a court in Amsterdam in the Netherlands

64,000 parents in Europe have filed a 1.4 billion euro (approximately Rs 12,429 crore) lawsuit against Chinese app Tiktok. Tiktok is accused of having irresponsible content and endangering children. It also sends a lot of data to China. Parents claim that China's app is in flagrant violation of EU law.


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An organization working on the issue has demanded compensation of 2,000 euros (approximately Rs 1.80 lakh) for each child. The Market Information Research Foundation, an organization representing more than 64,000 parents from several European countries, including the Netherlands, filed the petition in a Amsterdam court on Wednesday. In it, the organization's lawyer, Dave Linders, said Tiktok collects more data than children and their parents need without permission. It can be used to advertise based on personal preferences, which are being sent to China or the US.

According to the organization, many children around the world have lost their lives in the cycle of accepting dangerous challenges. For example, through the Blackout Challenge, people on Tiktok were challenged to strangle their partner until he was unconscious. In this way, dangerous children's games or challenges cause psychological, physical harm to children, says Linders. Tiktok, on the other hand, says it is working to protect young users. This smartphone app keeps the accounts of 13 to 15 year olds private.

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However, TikTalk has been a controversial app since its inception. It has been banned in India, the United States, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

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This is how the parents came together, one third of them are from the Netherlands.
Market information research was started in July 2020. Since then, they have collected 64,000 cases across Europe. One third of them are from the Netherlands alone. The organization charges each parent 17.50 euros, or about one and a half thousand rupees. The organization claims that we are fighting cases on behalf of 1 million children. "You can look at this case in conjunction with many other cases," says Linders, his lawyer. Such as the Arganda case, in which everyone in the Netherlands sued for climate change. Our case is for all children who use Tiktok.

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