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72% people became health conscious, 63% started Ayurvedic medicine, 36.63% stopped eating out

What changed after Corona ?:  72% people became health conscious, 63% started Ayurvedic medicine, 36.63% stopped eating out

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Divya Bhaskar, Manovijnan Bhavan surveyed 981 people to know the change after Korona

To find out how much people have become aware of their health after Koro, Divya Bhaskar and Saurashtra University's Psychology Bhavan jointly conducted a survey in which 981 people were polled. In this survey 72% of people became more aware of physical health after Koro, 63% of people started taking vitamin, Ayurvedic medicines, 36.63% of people reduced junk food, fried. Mental health care was observed in 45% of people after Coro. 36% found that they strengthened their social health, developed good relationships with neighbors and relatives in the community, and realized their importance.

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There have been so many changes in people
after Koro. What changes have taken place in food and drink after Koro?
There was an awareness of food among the people. 36.63% of people admitted that they now cut down on outside meals, junk food, fried foods. He admits that he eats home-cooked food

Whether to start taking vitamin medications?
63% of people started taking vitamin and Ayurvedic medicines after Corona.


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What are the tips to boost immunity?
To boost immunity, people drink boiled water, drink guluchi, drink turmeric water, ginger powder, apple juice, turmeric milk, hot water, lemonade, all these recipes were made by people.

How to take care after coronary heart disease?
42% reported increased hygiene, direct bathing from outside or washing hands and feet, wearing masks, thinking before touching each other, reducing eating out, avoiding occasions, learning to keep distance.

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Post-covid effect increased fear-phobia in
54% of people 54% of people experienced post-covid effect increased stress, anxiety, weakness, fear, phobia. 27 percent understood the importance of life and relationships. They became more caring. He also admitted that the amount of economic savings has also increased. There were also complaints of swelling in the legs, inflammation in the eyes, increased appetite.

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