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A disturbing picture of a tragic event, Mani Mamta was embarrassed in December, the family left the old man wandering in the garbage!

Deadly Age:  A disturbing picture of a tragic event, Mani Mamta was embarrassed in December, the family left the old man wandering in the garbage!

A picture of an old man lying in the trash

Deesa and Palanpur service-minded youth voluntarily shifted to Palanpur Trauma Center for treatment
What was the compulsion of the cruel family that the mother had to throw in the trash!


Husband and wife riding a bike collided with a car and fell into the air 10 feet, young man died at the scene

In December, the old woman fled in a pile of rubbish at night. Deesa was rescued by the Hindu Youth Organization and shifted to Palanpur Civil Hospital for treatment. This humanitarian work of the service-minded youth of Deesa and Palanpur is being appreciated.

Leaving the
old woman two days ago, in the Kali Yuga, instead of taking care of the essence of the old mother, she is being despised. A similar case came out in December. Nitinbhai Soni, president of Deesa Hindu Yuva Sangathan, said the team arrived with friends after they came to know that an old woman had been leaving her family in a rickshaw two days ago in a rubbish heap near a new garden in the Hawai Pillar area of ​​Deesa. When asked his name, Kamlaben Babubhai said.

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former was shifted to Palanpur for further treatment and was shifted to Deesa Civil Hospital by ambulance in critical condition. From where he was sent to Palanpur for further treatment. Jayeshbhai Soni, Nareshbhai Soni of Palanpur Jan Seva Edge Prabhu Seva Sansthan admitted the former to the Trauma Center and took full responsibility for the treatment. In this regard, Nitinbhai Soni said, "We are trying our best to find the family members of the old woman." The matter will be reported to the police, including the social welfare department, on Monday.

The Hindu youth organization moved the old man for treatment

An elderly woman was pounding water in a pile of rubbish in a vacant lot near Nanaji Deshmukh Garden, located in the closed air pile ground at Deesa's highway area. When the people of the slums living in the area came to know about it, they reported the matter to the gardener rather than to the gardener. They were brought out of the place, put under the garden shed, arranged for tea and water and sent to Civil Hospital by 108 for treatment.

Soni, president of Hindu Yuva Sangathan, said, "I got a call from Deesa in which an air pillar has put an ex off for two days." There is no one to take care of them. So we came here and saw that there were piles of rubbish. The approximate age will be 80 years. We immediately called an ambulance and were the garden guards. With his help, he was taken out of the rubbish and shifted to the 108th Civil Hospital. There is no information about any family at present.

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